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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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General traits of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Supernatural Verse: Death hasn't been seen yet
*'''[[War|The Red Horseman]]''' appears first in [[5.02 Good God Y'All]]. He drives a Red Mustang. War is also known as Wormwood. War can alter the perception of human beings.
* '''[[Death|The Pale Horseman]]''' appears first in makes an unseen appearance [[5.10 Abandon All Hope]].
* '''[[Famine|The Black Horseman]]''' first appears in [[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]] in a black SUV. Famine can manipulate and intensify the hunger/desires of human beings. Famine can absorb essence-energies; he can sustain himself by absorbing life-energy, in other words: souls.
Improvements in farming and agriculture have severely weakened Famine, resulting in his sickly and weakened state. '''[[Lucifer]]''' was aware of these farming and agriculture improvements. Lucifer assisted Famine by sending lower-level [[demon]]s to Famine's aid. This is theoretically, the only way to kill/destroy the Horsemen, by getting rid of the effects they give off to the World. For example: if wars suddenly stopped, then logically the "Horseman [[War]]" would be destroyed.
* '''[[Pestilence|The White Horseman]]''' first appears in [[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]] drives a green car with Nevada license plate SIKN TRD ("sick and tired"). Disease and plague follows pestilence where ever he goes; when pestilence's essence past by a hospital, he left a plague that seems to be very similar to the H1N1 academic (swine flu).  
==[[5.02 Good God Y'All]]==

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