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Lucifer's Cage

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|source=[[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]]
[[Image:Luciferscage.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Sam as Lucifer and Michael inside Adam fall into the Cage]]
[[Castiel]] described the Seals as locks on a door that held [[Lucifer]] prisoner. On [[God]]'s command the great archangel named [[Michael]] bound his younger brother, Lucifer, with 600 seals. According to [[Anna]] only 66 had to be broken for him to be freed from his confinement.
[[Crowley]] reveals he is aware of Sam and Dean's plan to get the [[Horsemen's Rings]] to trap Lucifer back in his cage thanks to his [[Magical Coin]]. He also tells them he wants to help them do it. <sup>[[5.20 The Devil You Know]]</sup>
[[Image:Luciferscage.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Sam as Lucifer adn Micahel inside Adam enter the Cage]]
Sam and Dean get the final two rings after [[Castiel]] cuts off [[Pestilence]]'s finger using [[Ruby's knife]] and [[Death]] gives his ring to Dean in exchange for his promise to do whatever it took to free him from Lucifer's control, ensuring that Sam would jump into the cage as soon as he consented to possession by Lucifer. Death also instructs Dean on how the rings work to open the cage, although the explanation is not shown in this episode. Dean is later shown working with all four rings on a table. They join together to form a triangular shape with [[War]]'s ring in the center and the other three rings surrounding it. When [[Bobby]] asks him about Death teaching him how the rings work, Dean responds "Yeah, it's nuts."<sup>[[5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight]]</sup>
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