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Castiel is NEVER referred to as viceroy, not even at the end. Any description of him being as such should therefore be removed. Also, viceroy refers to a representative of a monarch, in this case God, but Castiel has not actually been sent by God to be his viceroy in Heaven.[[User:Anonymius|Anonymius]] 12:10, 25 June 2010 (UTC)
I'm sorry but I must admit your commentary is getting old. I mean, a lot of the things posted on this Site are not always completely canonical - We try our best to stay as canonical as possible. Did you even watch 5x16 in its entirety? If you did then you should've heard Zach's hint on his type of angel. Info is not always clearly spelled out for us viewers - sometimes you have to be open and aware for hints that could be addressed in canon. I will change Castiel's Occupation section if it makes you feel more secure.... --'''[[User:GrammarKing|GrammarKing]]''', June 25th 2010

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