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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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|episodes=[[5.02 Good God Y'All]]<br>[[5.10 Abandon All Hope]] (Death hid His Visage)<br>[[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]]<br>[[5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid]]<br>[[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]]<br>[[5.20 The Devil You Know]]<br>[[5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight]]
==General traits of * The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Supernatural Verse==* [[Pestilence]], [[War]] and [[Famine]] all have designated tasks in the Apocalypse. In other words, the Three Horsemen (with the exclusion Death) seem to be set strongly on their assigned missions related to the Apocalypse. * They are extremely powerful beings. * Their true origins currently , who are unknown, as is the method of destroying them. However, the removal of their rings causes them to go into a "shut down" state. * While clearly being instruments of evil and chaos in the Apocalypse, although it is unclear whether the Horsemen are angelic or demonic or something entirely separate in origin.
* [[War]] states them as 'siblings'.
* Horsemen are immune to [[Sam]]'s powers, but he did use them to banish Famine by destroying all the demons that Famine had consumed.
*[ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Antichrist] as described in the book of Revelation are part of the apocalyptic destruction of Earth. They are generally described as War, Death, Famine and Pestilence (also described as Conquest or the Anti-Christ himself) - each riding a different coloured horse.
* Their rings prove integral in ending the Apocalypse (see below)
* [[War]] can alter people's perception of reality, causing them to become violent towards each other. War drives a [[War's Mustang|red Mustang]]<sup>[[5.02 Good God Y'All]]</sup>
Later in the episode, Sam and Dean figure out what Pestilence's plan was after a talk with [[Crowley]]. [[Brady]] was vice president of distribution at [[Niveus Pharmaceuticals]]. The first part of the plan was for Pestilence to start a swine flu epidemic, which set the stage for the second step: mass nationwide distribution of the Niveus vaccine which contains the Croatoan virus. Crowley suggests Sam and Dean stock up on everything, because "this time next Thursday, we'll all be living in Zombieland."<br>
Bobby tells Sam, Dean and Castiel that he's figured out that [[Death]] is going to cause a storm and a series of natural disasters that will kill three million people in Chicago. He is eventually forced to admit he sold his soul to Crowley to get the information for how to find Death. The group splits up: Sam, Bobby and [[Castiel ]] go to Niveus to destroy the samples of the vaccine and the distribution center to prevent the outbreak of the [[Croatoan virus]], while Dean and Crowley head to Chicago to try and kill Death and get the last ring.
Crowley gives Dean [[Death's Scythe]] to use in Chicago, saying that in addition to killing angels, demons, and reapers it's rumored to be capable of killing Death himself.<br>
Death arrives in Chicago to start a large storm chain that will trigger massive global weather events and mass death in the process - killing millions.
Death stops in a pizzeria for lunch, killing everyone inside (possibly unintentionally) and is found by Dean, who attempts to sneak up on him with [[Death's Scythe]]. However, the scythe begins to burn hot in Death's presence forcing Dean to drop it, alerting the Horseman to his presence. Rather than act hostile like his siblings, the Horseman thanks him for returning the Scythe before asking Dean to join him at the table. Death then reveals that he has been waiting for a while to talk with Dean.
When Dean asks him how old he is, Death admits he can't really remember anymore and guesses he is as old or older than God himself and neither can remember anymore. He surmises that he has been alive since life itself began and someday he will even reap God, to Dean's surprise. Death just states God is a living being like any other and someday he too will die; its just the way things work.
[[Death explains that Lucifer, whom he describes as "a bratty child", has him bound by a spell and his using him in crating Apocalyptic chaos.
[[Death ]] offers his ring to Dean, if Dean must do everything in his power to assure that Lucifer is put back in his cage. Dean reluctantly agrees while Death warns him to hold true to his word by saying he can't cheat Death, he then gives Dean the instructions on how operate the rings that combine to form a key like device.
Later, Dean and Bobby discuss the plan and while Dean is skeptical Bobby says that Death probably has a larger view of things than they do and they should have more faith in Sam.

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