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6.05 Live Free or Twihard

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When Dean gets back to the motel in Limestone, Samuel is there with Sam. Samuel tells them that the [[Campbell (family) |Campbells]] have a possible cure for vampirism written in Samuel's grandfather's journal, but it can only be used if Dean doesn't drink any blood. Samuel and Sam will gather most of the ingredients for the cure, but Dean has to get the blood of the vampire, Boris, who turned him. Dean insists that he will go into the vampire nest alone: he can sense where they are and he's sure that Sam would just attract attention because he "reeks" like "a walking hamburger." Samuel gives Dean a syringe of [[Dead Man's Blood (Pad of Definitions) |dead man's blood]] to use against Boris, and Dean leaves. Once they're alone, Samuel confronts Sam about his apparent knowledge of the cure. He's worried that Sam purposefully let Dean get infected so that he could get inside the vampire nest and help them capture an [[Alpha]] vampire they've been looking for. Sam denies everything, but Samuel doesn't seem convinced.
Dean enters the vampires' nest and runs into [[Robert]], the vampire who lured the latest missing girl [[Kristen]] to be captured by [[Boris]]. Boris has been using attractive men as "recruiters" to bring young women to his nest to be turned, and he wants to use Dean in this capacity. Boris is not the [[Alpha]] vampire, but he is over six hundred years old, and he has been given orders to amass large numbers of vampires. Dean tries to get the jump on him, but Boris senses the [[Dead Man's Blood (Pad of Definitions) |dead man's blood ]] and stops Dean before he can inject him. Suddenly, all the vampires are overcome by visions sent to them from the Alpha vampire. When Dean wakes upfrom his vision, Boris sets all the vampires in the nest on him, but Dean kills them all with a large machete before killing Boris himself. After they have Boris' blood, they use it to create the cure for vampirism that Dean needs. Dean takes the cure and is overcome by visions from his time as a vampire. In them, he sees the moment that Sam stood back and watched him be turned. He says nothing about it when he wakes up cured, however, only mentions that the vampires are amassing an army and that they no longer seem afraid of hunters.

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