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The term "Manifestation" simply manifestation describes how a supernatural entity chooses to occur or exist on Earth. [[Angels]] and [[Demons]] manifest are non-corporeal on Earth and physical they physically appear on Earth via by possessing a human host.  Although Angels require the permission and consent of the human host for possession to be possible, whereas Demons can involuntary claim a human's body without the consent of the human host.  {{Quotation|title= |text=The most unique element about angels (in Supernatural) that isn't in typical lore is the notion that they have to possess. They control a human host in much the same way demons do. The only difference is that angels have to ask permission and demons don't. That provided us with all sorts of morality plays to work through because angels are nominally good, but they are putting human victims through this horrific experience just because the humans were devout enough to give their will away.|author= Eric Kripke|source= [[Cupids|Cupid angelsOfficial Website]] seem capable of instantaneous manifestation. }} Other supernatural beings - including [[Gods]] and , the [[[[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], [[Vengeful Spirits|Ghosts]], however, do not use seem to require a human host body to exist physically on Earth, instead they simply assume human form, as do the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]]. [[Acheri Demon]]s tend to manifest on Earth in the form of young girls; like Cupid angels, Acheri demons seem capable of instantaneous manifestation, as proven when an Acheri immediately manifests after being summoned.
==Key terms pertaining to Manifestation==
[[Enochian|Enochian Chant]] - The term "Enochian" refers to many things concerning angels in general. There is a specific Enochian chant that can forcibly remove Angels from their Vessel, sending them back to Heaven.
[[Exorcism]] - The term "Exorcism" describes a process Demons experience that forcibly removes them from their human host, sending them back to Hell.- See also [[Rituale Romanum]]
[[Binding Link]] - The term "Binding Link" refers to a specific bond or connection that Demons can use to bind or lock themselves inside a human's body, in which case exorcism proves ineffective against the demon within the host.
All of the information documented below only describes the first time a particular important Angel or Demon manifests on Earth using a human host.
==Important Occurrences with Angels==
===[[4.01 Lazarus Rising]]===
[[Castiel|Angel Castiel]] manifests on Earth in his Vessel [[Jimmy Novak]] while appearing before Dean Winchester.
===[[4.07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester]]===
[[Uriel|Angel Uriel]] manifests on Earth in a Vessel to aid Castiel in preventing the breaking of a Seal.
===[[4.17 It's A Terrible Life]]===
Following sometime after Uriel's death in [[4.16 On The Head Of A Pin]], [[Zachariah|Angel Zachariah]] manifests on Earth in a Vessel.
===[[4.20 The Rapture]]===
During a brief flashback, we witness Castiel descending form Heaven, effectively manifesting on Earth in his Vessel Jimmy Novak for the first time chronologically.
===[[5.01 Sympathy For The Devil]]===
[[Lucifer|Archangel Lucifer]] manifests on Earth in an alternate Vessel named [[Nick]].
===[[5.03 Free To Be You And Me]]===
[[Raphael|Archangel Raphael]] manifests on Earth in his chosen Vessel [[Donnie Finnerman]].
===[[5.13 The Song Remains The Same]]===
[[Michael|Archangel Michael]] manifests on Earth in an alternate true Vessel name [[John Winchester]] while in the year of 1978 during time travel.
==Important Occurrences with Demons==
===[[1.01 Pilot]]===
[[Azazel|Demon Azazel]] manifest on Earth in a male's body. His silhouette is seen craning over Sam's crib.
===[[1.11 Scarecrow]]===
[[Meg|Demon Meg]] manifests on Earth in a host named [[Meg Masters]].
===[[3.01 The Magnificent Seven]]===
The [[Seven Deadly Sins|Seven Deadly Sins Demons]] manifest on Earth by occupying seven human hosts. [[Ruby|Demon Ruby]] manifests on Earth in a female's body attempting to follow Dean, Sam and Bobby.
===[[3.04 Sin City]]===
[[Casey|Demon Casey]] manifests on Earth in a female's body.
===[[3.09 Malleus Maleficarum]]===
[[Tammi|Demon Tammi]] manifests on Earth in a female's body to warn the Dean and Sam Winchester of a New demonic Leader who is causing chaos in the west and she tells them that she is coming to kill them.
===[[3.12 Jus in Bello]]===
[[Lilith|Demon Lilith]] manifests on Earth in a young girl's body.
===[[4.07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester]]===
[[Samhain|Demon Samhain]] manifests on Earth in a dead teacher and witch's body, causing chaos and destruction in a small town.
===[[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]]===
[[Alastair|Demon Alastair]] manifests on Earth in a pediatrician's body attempting to retrieve Anna Milton for informative purposes concerning what the angels are planing because she can hear the angels converse with each other in Heaven.
===[[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]===
During a brief flashback, we witness Azazel manifesting on Earth for the first time chronologically in a head priest's body.
===[[5.10 Abandon All Hope]]===
[[Crowley|Demon Crowley]] manifests on Earth in a New York literary agent's body, locating Dean and Sam, telling them to kill Lucifer with the Colt.
===[[5.20 The Devil You Know]]===
[[Brady|Demon Brady]] manifests on Earth in a male's body, taking part in topics concerning the Swine flu epidemic.
==Important Occurrences with the Four Horsemen==
===[[5.02 Good God Y'All]]===
[[War|Horseman War]] assumes the form a Roger, a dead man buried in a ditch. He begins to alter human perception of people, specifically effecting the perception of humans in a small town.
===[[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]]===
[[Famine|Horseman Famine]] assumes human form. His presence amplifies the urges, desires and cravings of many people in a small town.
===[[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]]===
[[Pestilence|Horseman Pestilence]] assumes human form. He arrives at a gas station, requesting an unsubscribed flu formula for daytime, hiding his true identity as the Green Horseman.
===[[5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight]]===
[[Death|Horseman Death]] assumes human form shortly after his rising following the invocation preformed by Lucifer. He gives Dean his Ring, so that he can assemble it with the other three which together are able to reopen Lucifer's Cage.
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