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Talk:Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Pure speculation: I think that the individual rings belonging to each Horsemen, symbolically represents represent their "weapon" or "implement or implements " they traditionally bear or carry in lore. For instance, Famine's ring symbolizes may symbolize the set of scales used in lore, War's ring symbolizes may also symbolize his red sword used in lore. And as for Death and Pestilence's representations, Death isn't foretold to be bearing a weapon but in many depictions, he bears a scythe; and Pestilence is often incorporated with Death. That If this is accurate, then that would explain why they disassemble when are all rendered weaker and basically all get deprogrammed once they lose physical connection with their ring except for Death- Because they require their ring as it is their "weapon" needed to further the Apocalypse. What does anyone else think on the matter?
Anderson54, January 17th 2011

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