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Sorry again for the delay. I see there is already a Gabriel's Horn page now, so that's good. Traditionally, Gabriel's Horn will sound during the Apocalypse. As for the disease manipulation questions: Lucifer, as an angel, would be able to inflict suffering on other in the form of illnesses much like Zachariah, but I do not think he was behind the swine flu outbreak. That would have been Pestilence, acting as part of Lucifer's apocalyptic plan. So the swine flu is connected to Lucifer's return, but he was not directly the cause. I agree that when both War and Pestilence were just kind of waiting, and when their "beeper[s] went off", they started acting out the plan. Hope you are enjoying the season so far. --[[User:MisterGlass|MisterGlass]]
hey thanks so much so reverting the vandalism done by Temperance. I have blocked their account and prevented them from creating a new account. Thanks for all your work on the Wiki. We are not taking on anyone else to the Admin team at present, but we really appreciate all your input. And please feel free to make any suggestions about things you think the Wiki needs to me at --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]

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