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Hello there. Yes, I think there are some pages where headings are not necessary because there are only one or two paragraphs known about the character, so dividing that small amount of information up may not be helpful. In longer entries where it is useful, I do like the words 'characteristics' or 'attributes'. Regarding the Horsemen, I think the arguments in Heaven still fall under War's heading, because while the discontent spread like a plague, it is War that banishes peace and accord. He drives conflict. I speculate that both Pestilence and Famine had little to do with Heaven and what went on there. Their focus seems much more earthly. --[[User:MisterGlass|MisterGlass]] 01:14, 22 January 2011 (UTC)
To me, superhuman speed is a 'physical' attribute of a demon moving in a meatsuit. Telekinesis is a 'mental' power. There is nothing to say that they are not interdependent, but it seems counter-intuitive to me that telekinesis would depend on a physical movement. She moved her hand rapidly, but that may not be the telekinesis at work, just her speed. My instinct is that to stop the bullet, Tammi only had to know that Dean was going to shoot, and that is a matter of perception rather than her speed of movement. Once she saw the gun, she could use her telekinesis at any moment.--[[User:MisterGlass|MisterGlass]] (UTC)
This was my thought process. I mean no offense to the originators of pages in my edits, and if you have any follow up concerns I would be willing to discuss them. --[[User:MisterGlass|MisterGlass]] (UTC)
Sorry again for the delay. I see there is already a Gabriel's Horn page now, so that's good. Traditionally, Gabriel's Horn will sound during the Apocalypse. As for the disease manipulation questions: Lucifer, as an angel, would be able to inflict suffering on other in the form of illnesses much like Zachariah, but I do not think he was behind the swine flu outbreak. That would have been Pestilence, acting as part of Lucifer's apocalyptic plan. So the swine flu is connected to Lucifer's return, but he was not directly the cause. I agree that when both War and Pestilence were just kind of waiting, and when their "beeper[s] went off", they started acting out the plan. Hope you are enjoying the season so far. --[[User:MisterGlass|MisterGlass]]
hey thanks so much so reverting the vandalism done by Temperance. I have blocked their account and prevented them from creating a new account. Thanks for all your work on the Wiki. We are not taking on anyone else to the Admin team at present, but we really appreciate all your input. And please feel free to make any suggestions about things you think the Wiki needs to me at --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]

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