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HEY; please read Asap and then Respond.
Hey there!! How how are you doing? I hope you enjoyed Episode 13 as much as I did, as it was "intensively gripping", "seat jerking" and ended with a major "cliffhanger". Though I am posting you now because I want to thank you for interceding, telling Elliemuraski that I was the one who articulated the 'element speculation'.
Anderson54, February 14th 2011
Hey there!! How are you, man? I am so excited that the sixth season is back again. I just as of recently saw that you changed the "Biography" headings on the individual pages of the archangels to "History" which is fine. So what should be work on next-Any thoughts? And in case you didn't know why I changed their top headings to "Biography" was because I thought such a term would effectively encompass their actions and the lives the live on Earth in Heaven.

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