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Hi Anderson54 no problem with the issue about Archangels and Elements Theory and letting [[User:EllieMurasaki]] I was happy to do it. When I moved your theory from the main Archangel Page to its talk page within a few minutes I noticed [[User:EllieMurasaki]] reply to your theory but since I was the one that recently edited both pages I knew she was going to think that was own theory and I wanted to make sure she knew that was not true and you were the main creator of that theory and you yourself should be given full and complete credit for that theory and not me. As for episode 13 I enjoyed it was awsome to see the show introduce a new supernatural creature and it was awsome to see the entire scene at the end and see a scene of Sam inside the Cage in hell. Oh and before I forget do you still want to work on those pages I suggested in my previous message below that we should create for the site. Also you never told me your thoughts on the news of Raphael returning in episode 15 and the other related angel news I told you about on the previous message below I'm curious to what you think about it. Oh well talk to you later once again happy to help you out with that Archangel and Elements Theory Issue.
From [[User:Rod12|Rod12]]
Hi Anderson54 nice to here from you again all is well from my end how about you. As for the return of Supernatural I enjoyed that I was so happy to see the show return and it was nice to see the episode deliever alot of new and old stuff in one singe episode. My favorite new stuff was more with Purgatory, The Dragons and Mother of All. My favorite old stuff of the episode was mainly the return of the class rock music and The Road so Far Sequence. But generally overall I enjoyed the entire episode. As for what we should do next to be honest I'm not real sure because I kind of had to stop doing my work with the human character pages I was working on because it seemed like the formate I was doing wasn't what some people wanted which I'm ok with but could of used a earlier heads up before I did all the editing work I did before I was asked to stop which would of been nice. But thats a whole separte issue entirely which is another message for another day. What we could do maybe is create pages for Natural Order, Dreamworld, Time Travel and Alternate Univere type pages. But between both you and me we have covered alot we did alot on Angels, Horseman, Demons, Creatures and non Supernatural Characters, Locations, Weapons and everything else in between. If you have any ideas let me know but I got say those pages I mentioned that we should create show like a fun idea. Oh and on side note if haven't already heard Archangel Raphael is coming back in Episode 15 but in a new vessel I was just curious what you think of the news along with the two news angels as well Rachel Castiel's 2nd in Command and a Angel Hitman sent by Raphael. Oh well talk to you later.

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