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Zachariah is an a very powerful [[Angel|angel]] Angel of [[Heaven]] who has four faces and six wings in his angelic form in Heaven. He finds a [[vessel]] in order to manifest on Earth following [[Uriel]]'s death.<ref name="four17">[[4.17 It's A Terrible Life]]</ref> Soon after being hospitalized after fighting [[Alastair]], [[Dean]] is subsequently healed by Angels, possibly Zachariah and put into a line of work at a company without his memories. He is a very powerful angelic being who has four faces and six wings in his angelic form in Heaven. He first introduces himself to Dean as being a direct superior of [[Castiel]]. He also outclasses [[Joshua]] in rank. He is directly managed by [[Michael]] and possibly [[Raphael]]. Due to the fact that he receives his tasks directly from Michael and manages Castiel, it seems likely that he may have been a supervisor of Anna's Garrison.
He tells Dean that he came to Earth to put things back on track.<ref name="four17" /> In reality, however, Zachariah supports the breaking of the remaining [[The 66 Seals|Seals]] so that [[Lucifer]] may be released from Hell. He tells Dean that he had no intention on taking a vessel, heavily suggesting that Michael initially deployed him to make sure that the remaining seals broke. Michael later sends him to get Dean's permission to possess him. According to Zachariah, he has been working for Heaven for over 6 millennia, indicating his high class within [[The Host of Heaven]].<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point Of No Return]]</ref>

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