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|image= [[ImageFile:Spn-zachariahZachariah417.jpg|300px350px]]|name= Zachariah<br>Mr. Adler (Alias)
|actor= [[Kurt Fuller]]
|dates= Before Humanity humanity - 2010 (Deceased; killed by [[DeanWinchester]])|location= Unknown[[Green Room]]|occupation= [[Angel]] |episodes= [[4.17 It's A a Terrible Life]]<br>[[4.18 The Monster At The at the End Of of This Book]]<br>[[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]<br>[[5.01 Sympathy For The for the Devil]]<br>[[5.04 The End]]<br>[[5.16 Dark Side Of The of the Moon]]<br>[[5.18 Point of No Return]]<br>[[14.13 Lebanon]]
|text=In Heaven I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a ''lion. You see this because you''re... limited.
|author= Zachariah
|source= [[5.16 Dark Side Of The of the Moon]]
Zachariah is an [[Angel|Angel of Heaven]] who serves [[Michael]] and possibly [[Raphael]].
Zachariah places was a high-ranking [[Deanangel]] and in the [[Sam WinchesterHost of Heaven]] into an alternate universe with no memory of their true identities. Instead of being brothers who hunt together, they are strangers who lead normal lives. Zachariah poses as Dean's manager at work, but he eventually reveals that he is a direct superior of served under [[CastielMichael]] , and that the ruse was designed to demonstrate to Dean that being a hunter is an essential part of who he is.<ref name="four17">held authority over lower-class [[4.17 It's A Terrible Lifeangel]]</ref> After the confrontation between s like [[LilithCastiel]] and Sam and the intervention of an [[ArchangelJoshua]] on Chuck's behalf, . Zachariah appears before [[Chuck Shurley]] and tells him preferred using mental manipulations to continue writing down achieve his visions. He also warns him not to alert Sam and Dean goals, going so far as to their destinies, and that the angels will stop him if he tries. When Chuck despairs, Zachariah tells him that they will revive him if he commits suicide.<ref name="four18">place [[4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book]]</ref> As Sam is preparing to kill [[Lilith]], Zachariah holds Dean in the [[Green Room]] and finally explains that the Angels actually want [[Lucifer]] freed so that [[Michael]] can kill him. After Dean pleads and begs for help, Castiel helps him by temporarily banishing Zachariah and teleporting Dean so that he can stop Sam from killing Lilith, as her death is the last seal. Sam ultimately kills Lilith and releases [[LuciferWinchester]], which triggers the [[Apocalypse]].<ref name="four22">into [[4Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.22 Lucifer Rising]]</ref> Soon after the breaking with no memory of [[The 66 Seals]] and [[Archangel Lucifer]]'s release from the Cagetheir true identities, Zachariah to show that they were not meant for normal lives and two angel assistants approach [[Dean]] and [[Sam]] at Chuck's house in Kripke's Hollow. Zachariah demands that Dean come with to get them, but Dean activates an [[Angel Banishing Sigil|angel banishing sigil]], which sends the angels away temporarily. Zachariah later uses Chuck and lures the Winchester brothers to their father's lock-up in up state New York where he reveals agree to Dean that he is [[Archangel Michael]]'s Sword wherein he is the true vessel but Dean must first consent to possession. After denying angelic-possession by Michael, Zachariah starts torturing Dean be vessels and Sam, but Castiel mysteriously returns from go forward with the dead and orders his superior away. He inscribes angelic runes into Sam and Dean's ribs which will hide them all angels, including Lucifer and himselfApocalypse.<ref name="five01four17">[[54.01 Sympathy For The Devil]]</ref> Zachariah finds Dean through fringe Christian groups and sends Dean five years into the future (2014). Zachariah appears and says that he wants Dean to see what will <ref name="five04">[[5.04 The End]]</ref> After Dean and Sam die and go to Heaven, Zachariah searches for them so that he can resurrect them so they can serve as the Vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Zachariah tells them that he has four faces (one of which is a lion) and six wings in his true form in Heaven. He begins beating them up but is interupted by [[Joshua]] whold bears God17 It's permission and takes the boys to the Garden of Eden and revives them, sending them back to Earth.<ref name=five16>[[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moona Terrible Life]]</ref>
After his repeated failures in securing the resurrections of Dean and SamWinchesters as vessels, Zachariah gets was removed from the [[Host of Heaven]], and retreated to Earth to await his final judgement by drinking in a bar, but is was given a final chance to secure Dean for [[Michael]]. Zachariah laters expresses his prideful nature He resurrected and is out-witted by manipulated [[Adam Milligan]] in an attempt to draw Deaninto a trap to get him to say yes to Michael. It seemed to work, and meets his fate when but Dean stabs taunted him , allowing him to get close to him and then stab Zachariah through the head with an Angel Killing Sword through the throat[[angel blade]], producing explosive light from killing him. His body was last seen in the vessel that shoots Dean into a wall[[Green Room]] before it disappeared.<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point Of of No Return]]</ref>
==AppearancesEpisodes==[[ImageFile:ZacariahZachariah417-2.jpg|300px350px|leftright|thumb|Zachariah makes his first appearance as Mr. Adler in the [[alternate universe]] he created for [[4.17 It's A Terrible LifeSam]] and [[Dean]].]] ===[[4.17 It's A a Terrible Life]]===Under the guise of "Mr. Adler", Zachariah places [[Sam]] and [[Dean Winchester ]] into jobs with [[Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.]], Dean as a corporate Wall Street type and Engineering, Sam in technical support. They are without their real memories, to show Dean that being a hunter is who he is and who he was always meant to be.
|text= I'm hardly another one, Dean. I'm Castiel's superior. Believe me, I had no interest in popping down here into one of these smelly things.*''Zachariah indicates his vessel''* But after the unfortunate situation with Uriel, I felt it necessary to pay a visit. Get my ducks in a row.
|author= Zachariah
|source= [[4.17 It's A a Terrible Life]]
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[[Image:Zach.Jpg|300px|right|thumb|Zachariah in [[4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book]]]]
===[[4.18 The Monster At The at the End Of of This Book]]===Following [[Sam]]'s confrontation with [[Lilith]] and the arrival of Chuck's [[archangel]], Zachariah appears to [[Chuck Shurley]] after he has another vision. While it is not revealed what Chuck saw, he wants to warn Sam and Dean, but Zachariah tells him not to. Chuck threatens to kill himself, but Zachariah says they will only bring him back to life. In despair, Chuck asks what he should do. Zachariah replies "Do what you always do. Write."<br clear="all" />[[image:Caszach.Jpg|300px|left|thumb|Zachariah alongside of Castiel.]]
===[[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]===
Zachariah and [[Castiel ]] hold [[Dean ]] hostage in preparation for the [[Apocalypse]]. When Dean confronts Zachariah, he finally admits that they don't want to stop [[Lilith ]] from breaking the last seal, which will free Lucifer. The upper cast caste of angels wants the Apocalypse to begin in order to defeat Hell and bring about paradise on Earth. Zachariah also reveals that Dean's role will be to kill [[Lucifer ]] after the [[Apocalypse ]] happens. He states that Sam also has a part to play and nudges him in the intended direction by leaving Sam a fake and hurtful voice mail purportedly from Dean to manipulate him.
Later, Castiel tries to help Dean escape in an effort to stop Sam killing Lilith, and unknowingly breaking the final seal. Zachariah arrives to stop him, but Castiel uses a [[Angel Banishing Sigil|sigil]] drawn in his own blood to send Zachariah away.
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===[[5.01 Sympathy For The for the Devil]]===Zachariah arrives at Chuck's house with two other angels [[angel]]s in an attempt to force Dean to come with them. However, he and the other angels are sent away as Dean has drawn the Angel Banishing Sigil [[angel banishing sigil]] in preparation for the angels' arrival. Zachariah and his associates then show up at [[John's Locklock-up]]. The angel attempts to force [[Dean ]] into giving permission to the archangel Michael to use him as a [[vessel ]] in the fight against [[Lucifer]]. [[Dean ]] refuses, so Zachariah proceeds to torment him and Sam until Dean changes his mind. However, Castiel appears and dispatches the other angels with an [[Angel Killing Swordangel blade]]. Zachariah heals [[Sam ]] and [[Dean]], then flees.
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===[[5.04 The End]]===
With [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] hidden by the [[Enochian Sigilssigils]] engraved on their ribs by [[Castiel]], Zachariah employs fringe Christian groups to track down Dean. He sends him to 2014 to see the consequences of his refusal to become Michael's vessel. It is not clear whether this future is "true" or in some way altered by Zachariah in an effort to influence Dean's decision. Dean sees the devastation wrought by the [[Croatoan]] virus, the effect of the Apocalypse on himself, Castiel , and others, and most importantly finds out that Sam has consented to be Lucifer's vessel. Following a disastrous encounter between [[Future!Dean]] and Lucifer, Zachariah brings Dean back to 2009. When Dean still refuses to be a vessel, Zachariah prepares to take him captive, but Castiel teleports Dean away in time.
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===[[5.16 Dark Side Of The of the Moon]]===When [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] are killed, [[Castiel ]] warns them that Zachariah is looking for them in [[Heaven ]] so that he can send them back to Earth and they can be made to consent to [[Michael ]] and [[Lucifer]]. After searching for the brothers in the memories they relive in Heaven, Zachariah finds and traps them in a forest, but they are saved by [[Ash]]. When Ash gives them a secret path to the Garden, they wind up in another memory of Dean's and Zachariah appears. Zachariah begins tormenting the brothers with an altered version of their mother to make them give in. Joshua then appears and tells Zachariah to release the brothers or risk [[God]]'s wrath. Zachariah then departs.
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[[Image:Zachariah100.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Zachariah makes his last appearance in [[5.18 Point of No Return]]]]
[[Image:Zachdead.png|350px|left|thumb|Zachariah lies dead in the [[Green Room]].]]
===[[5.18 Point of No Return]]===
Zachariah is seen drinking at a bar and talking to a man named Stuart. He discusses his failure at work (consenting getting [[Sam ]] and [[Dean]] to consent)and his subsequent firing. Zachariah's boss, [[Michael]], appears, burning out the eyes of Stuart and the bartender in doing so. He gives Zachariah one more chance to consent convince [[Dean]]; Zachariah is overjoyed to accept and leaves the bar singing "When the Saints Go Marching In.". The plan involves resurrecting Sam and Dean's half-brother [[Adam Milligan|Adam]] to either act as [[Michael]]'s [[vessel ]] or force Dean's consent. Adam's resurrection is interrupted by Castiel, who brings Adam to the Winchesters and hides him from the angels. Later, Zachariah appears to [[Adam]] in a dream talking about their plan and how he cannot trust the Winchesters. Adam gives up his location and disappears with Zachariah. [[Castiel]] leads Sam and Dean to the [[Green Room]] where Zachariah has hidden Adam. It is located in an abandoned muffler factory in Van Nuys, California. While in the [[Green Room]] with Adam, Zachariah reveals the truth about why they brought back Adam and how they are expecting Dean to come and consent. Meanwhile, [[Castiel]] enters the factory and clears the way for Sam and Dean by killing one angel and banishing four others (along with himself). Sam and Dean enter the shed containing the Green Room and Zachariah overpowers them. Zachariah then tortures [[Sam]] and [[Adam]] until [[Dean]] says "Yes." Thrilled, Zachariah calls [[Michael]] to come down to his [[vessel]], Dean. Dean then manipulates Zachariah, telling him that Michael cannot enter Dean's body unless he can guarantee the safety of his loved ones and until Zachariah is dead. Angry, Zachariah grabs hold of Dean, telling him "Michael's not going to kill me." However, Dean informs him that ''he'' will, pulls out a hidden [[angel blade]], and stabs Zachariah through the chin and out the top of his head, killing him in an explosive burst of light that flings Dean into a wall. Zachariah's body is last seen leaning against a wall before the Green Room disappears, his body along with it.
Later===[[14.13 Lebanon]]===In an alternate timeline caused by [[John Winchester]] getting pulled from 2003, Zachariah appears arrives in [[Lebanon, Kansas]], with the alternate [[Castiel]] to Adam in investigate. Walking into a dream talking about their plan and how nearby restaurant, Zachariah demands to know who has been messing with time, causing the patrons to think he's nuts after he cannot trust the Winchestersclaims to be from [[Heaven]]. Adam gives up Giving one final warning, Zachariah threatens to have Castiel murder them all if someone does not answer, causing Castiel displays his location and disappears with Zachariahwings.  The effects of Castiel leads displaying his wings draws the attention of [[Sam ]] and Dean to the [[Green RoomDean]] where Zachariah has hidden Adam. It is located in an abandon muffler factory in Van Nuysfrom outside, California. While in prompting them to enter the Green Room with Adamrestaurant to investigate, Zachariah reveals the truth about why they brought back Adam and how where they are expecting Dean shocked to come and consentfind Zachariah. MeanwhileZachariah is equally shocked to see the Winchesters, Castiel enters commenting that Heaven had big plans for the factory and clears brothers before their father disappeared. Zachariah quickly realizes that the way Winchesters are responsible for Sam what happened and Dean by killing one angel and banishing four others (along with himself)orders Castiel to kill them. Sam and As Castiel takes on Dean enter the shed containing the Green Room and , Zachariah overpowers them. Zachariah then tortures begins choking Sam and Adam until Dean says 'Yes'. Thrilled, Zachariah calls Michael demanding to come down to his vessel, Deanknow what he did. Dean then manipulates Zachariahtaunts Sam, telling him moving closer as he demands that Michael cannot enter DeanSam speak. Zachariah doesn's body unless t notice Sam draw an [[angel blade]] from his belt as he can guarantee the safety of his loved ones and until moves closer. Once Zachariah is dead. Angryin his face, Zachariah grabs hold of DeanSam stabs him in the heart with the angel blade, telling killing him Michael will do no such thing, but Dean says "I would", produces a hidden Angel Killing Sword and uses it to dispatch Zachariah.<br clear="all" />[[Image:Zachdead.png|300px|right|thumb|After John is returned to his own time, events return to normal, erasing the alternate timeline Zachariah lies dead in the Green Roomfrom existence.]]
==CharacteristicsSee also=====Powers and Abilities===Zachariah can:*Inflict grave harm on humans with his powers, including giving diseases, breaking bones and removing lungs.<ref name="five01">[[5.01 Sympathy For The Devil]]</ref>*Manipulate a human's memories, either by removing them completely or by adding false ones.<ref name="four17" />*Bend time.<ref name="five04">[[5.04 The End]]</ref> *Teleport himself and other people to any location on Earth. He can overpower humans without visible effort.<ref name="five16">[[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon]]</ref><ref name="five18" />*Move objects with his mind.<ref name="five01" />*Implant false prophecy into a prophet's mind.<ref name="five01" />*Revive the dead.<ref name="five18" /> ===Weaknesses===*[[Angel Killing Sword|Angel killing swordZachariah (Apocalypse World)]].
* Zachariah's description of his true form to [[Dean ]] and [[Sam Winchester ]] fits the description of a [[Seraph]] or a Chayotcherubim.<ref name="five16" />* Based on his manipulation of the Winchester Brothers' memory, Zachariah may be a reference to the Angel angel Zachriel, an angel who rules over memory. (Source of Zachriel: [ "Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels"], ISBN-13: 978-0029070529)* Kurt Fuller, the actor who plays Zachariah, also appeared in the 1989 ''Ghostbusters II''. ''[[Supernatural ]]'' has made several references to the ''Ghostbusters '' movies.* Over the course of the show, three different versions of Zachariah have been killed. Dean and Sam respectively killed the original Zachariah and an alternate timeline counterpart of him in [[5.18 Point of No Return]] and [[14.13 Lebanon]]. Zachariah's [[Apocalypse World]] [[Zachariah (Apocalypse World)|counterpart]] was killed by [[Jack Kline]] in [[13.14 Good Intentions]]. Additionally, this particular version of Zachariah met his ends in ''Supernatural's'' 100th and 300th episodes.
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