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hey thanks so much so reverting the vandalism done by Temperance. I have blocked their account and prevented them from creating a new account. Thanks for all your work on the Wiki. We are not taking on anyone else to the Admin team at present, but we really appreciate all your input. And please feel free to make any suggestions about things you think the Wiki needs to me at --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]
I think the topic of Angelic Possession is adequately covered under the [[Vessels]] page. I think the word possession is not quite appropriate to the angelic situation also as it requires content of the vessel, which demonic possession obviously doesn't. Cheers --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]
Sera G did mention in an interview that Death might come back...which would be awesome! --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]
So I don't think the list provides readers with useful information. What I think would helpful would be to replace this with a list of other pages relating to manifestation such as:
[[Possession]], [[Vessel]], [[Angel Banishing Sigil]], [{Exorcism]], [[Binding Link]], [[Rituale Romanum]], [[Devil's Trap trap (symbol)]] and a note on how they relate to manifestation. This is a collection of information someone might find useful to have drawn together.
In future, for pages like this please run the idea past me first so we can refine the idea before you work on the page. New pages really need to be a source of new and useful information. At this point in the Wiki's development, we want to avoid having pages which duplicate similar information as it makes it a chore to update them all whenever there is new canon and more difficult to ensure consistency across them all.
Hey there - have created [[Reality Warping]] for documenting the things you mentioned. Thanks! --[[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]] 22:03, 12 March 2011 (UTC)
Just to let you know that the Supernatural Wiki has been nominated for an award at SFX (more details on our home page). We are up against some famous fan sites like Leaky Cauldron and The One Ring. This is a testament to all the great contrinuters like yourself who make the site so awesome. You can [ vote here] - please spread the word! [[User:Missyjack|Missyjack]]
From [[User:Rod12|Rod12]]
Hi Anderson54 I have the picture site I use for Supernatural Images I'm just going over all of the images to find to best ones for each of the four horseman and trying to find out who needs it the most improvement with pictures as of right now it is mainly [[War]], [[Famine]] and [[Pestilance]]. [[Death]] I'll do last. But as of right now thats the best update I have for you. Oh well talk to you later.
From [[User:Rod12|Rod12]]

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