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: I'm wondering if it's an inconsistency in the text, or if it's deliberate - eg. Meg can walk on hallowed ground (Jim's church), but is vulnerable to holy water. Yes, I see your point about the Demon already being inside the salt barrier when it was laid - not having to cross over it - but when it leaves John's body - where does it go? 'Physically', through the floorboards; is it in this way avoiding the crossing of the salt barriers over doors and windows? i.e. does the salt barrier only apply when the Demon is in corporeal form? If so, it seems a bit of an ineffective protection. I think we need more info about the conditions of demons' incorporeality (does it have to have a host? can it form its own body? how does it travel? communicate? propagate? etc.) --[[User:Angstslashhope|Angstslashhope]] 23:23, 19 August 2006 (PDT)
Didn't a demon enter through a window in the episode where Jake kills Sam? Didn't Ava wipe the salt by the window away? That would mean that going through the floorboards wouldn't work as the plane would extend upward and downward. Just a thought.
If Azazel was Lucifer's biological son, then wouldn't he be a fallen angel? He hints that he was banished from Heaven by Raphael who cast him to a desert wasteland. In Lore, Raphael kicks Azazel of the Host and banishes him to a desert.

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