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Camp Chitaqua

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[[Image:Camp chitiqua.jpg|300px|right]]
In 2014 - in the episode [[5.04 The End]] - [[Dean]], escaping the [[Croatoan]] virus zone that is Kansas City, goes looking for [[Bobby Singer]], but finds his house deserted. In a hidden drawer, he finds Bobby's journal, in which he discovers a picture of himself as well as Bobby, [[Castiel]] and a couple of few other unknown people, decked out in survival and hunting gear at a place called Camp Chitaqua.
[[Dean]] goes looking for the camp shown in the picture, and finds the [[Impala|Metallicar]] rotting away. The camp is a haven for survivors of the [[Croatoan]] virus, and also a base for the operations of [[Future!Dean]]. [[Future!Castiel]] is also there, although minus his angelic powers he spends most of his time stoned. In contrast [[Future!Chuck]] is organised, and in charge of supplies.

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