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If it's so simple to enslave Death why Castiel didn't use it against Raffael rather than go after Purgatory, a so much harder quest??--[[User:Big Jack|Big Jack]] 15:22, 1 October 2011 (UTC)
== death ==
death in supernatural has been notified to be as old or even older then god himself. this was mentioned by death himself however neither one could remember, doesn't mean death is lieing. death said to dean that he is the only being that is eternal and will one day reap god. fair enough death was imprisoned for thousands of years, but with all due respect you people sound like you need to pay attention a little bit more....... he wasn't only imprisoned he was locked up hurled into the core of the earth and left there because GOD!!!!!!! thought death and his power was way to dangerous and out of control in order for him to be left freely to roam, now im thinking there has to have been some prior history between god and death which hasn't been established yet in the series, in order for god himself, also in light to how omnipotent god is, that god had come to conclusion that death must be imprisoned. now im thinking for god to be thinking that Death must be only being that can reap god so in fear god imprisoned death.
also you guys seem like your confused about whether death is an angel or not, NO!!! death is not an angel because in the series once again it has been established that death and god seem to be brothers of are like brothers (wasn't clear) he was made one of Lucifer's horseman because of a spell not because he is directly a horseman unlike the other three beings.
Lucifer needed death because death is considered to be equal unto god himself therefore Lucifer exploited death by way of a spell. the spell was created by god in order to keep him in line, how else would he of controlled someone who is like him.
and for those of you who think death isn't as powerful as god then you guys need to do your research and watch the supernatural episodes more clearly either that or listen more because in case u hadn't noticed death deals with millions upon billion of souls. he eats the soul and absorbs there power and then send them on to whichever place they go either heaven or hell. why do you think lucifer feared him and needed him so much.

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