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Rhino Puzzle

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==Rhino Puzzle==When Supernatural fans' extraordinary commitment to the Show, and voting, won the Show a place on the [[TV Guide Cover]], Misha Collins Tweeted said that "If you recall, since we won, Warner Bros. will be rewarding me with a Rhino. True to my word, i will cut it up & share it with you all.[].  His instructions to fans were "To redeem rhino portion, send self-addressed, plastic-lined, stamped envelope to me at: PO Box 74557, 2768 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K1K1" [].  In return, in January 2011, fans received this [ correspondence] about a puzzle hunt. Each fan received a numbered piece from one of 5 (originally rumored to be 6) identical Rhino jigsaw puzzles, and they had to track down other fans with pieces from the same number puzzle to form a team. Through the power of the internet, and [ a Livejournal community], people matched up. Using emailed photos of the fronts and backs of each piece, the puzzle was assembled using the rhino picture on the front, and on the back was written an email address to send a note to when enough pieces were assembled to make out the address. Eventually all the teams solved the puzzle, but members of the team with puzzle #redirect 3 were the first to send an email. Misha [ then sent an email outlining items for a scavenger hunt] that needed to be tracked down. Items ranged from the sublime (Written or photographic proof of the existence of life after death - 16 points) to the ridiculous (A photo of a person holding an authentic rhino puzzle piece in a Russian MIG fighter jet (any class of MIG will suffice) - 31 points). Fierce competition resulted resulting in some [ fannish wank]. The puzzle #3 team (T3) won again, with the prize being cash or tea with Misha : {{Quotation|title= |text=Well, let me tell you... Anyone on TwitterT3 who submitted any entry in the scavenger hunt (i know who you are), has two options for their prize: Option A) You can send your T3 numbered puzzle piece to the same address you sent the plastic lined envelope and in return, i will send you $53.21 in Canadian cash (and coin) in the mail. --OR-- Option B) You can keep your T3 and redeem it at any point in the next 7 years for a cup of tea. If at any time, any place in the world (except my house) you present me with an authentic T3 numbered puzzle piece, i will enjoy a cup of tea with you. I'll either brew it, buy it, or otherwise furnish us each, with a cup of tea (hot or cold, according to your mood).|author=[[Misha Collins]] March 6th, 2011|source=email to Rhino Scavenger Hunt participants}} He also promised to run another scavenger hunt sometime in the summer of 2011 - which he did. See [[GISHWHES]] for details.  [[CAtegory:Fandom]][[CAtegory:Fan Projects]][[Category:Cast & Crew Projects]][[Category:Production]]

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