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7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

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Dick and his assistant [[Susan]] lead Dr Gaines up to an office, and Dick tells him that they're shutting his program down. Bobby, who has a high vantage point on a nearby building, listens in and watches through a pair of binoculars, horror-struck, as Dick forces Dr Gaines to "bib" himself to atone for his mistakes. The ghastly ritual involves tying a lobster bib around Dr Gaines' neck and then making him eat himself, starting with his right hand. Bobby starts to tell Dean and Sam what he's seeing, but a Leviathan finds him on the roof and knocks him unconscious.
Bobby is taken hostage by Dick Roman , and Dean and Sam are determined to rescue him. While Dick talks to Bobby, Dean and Sam burst into the warehouse and spray the four Leviathans, including Edgar, that they encounter with sodium borate. Dick hears their screams and leaves Bobby alone to go deal with them, one gun from a pair of dueling pistols tucked into the back of his pants.
The minute he's alone, Bobby, starts going through the files on Dick's desk. He reviews them as he loads the second of the two dueling pistols, and something in the papers he reads gives him pause. He decides to take the papers with him and is just leaving Dick's office when Susan appears. He shoots her in the forehead and she stumbles back, giving him time to escape the room.

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