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7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

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Partial Synopsis
'''36:36:06 Earlier'''<br>
The next victim of weird circumstances is a man who seems to have been gored by a unicorn. When Dean questions the victim's widow, he learns that the man was also at ''Plucky Pennywhistle's'' the night he died. Not believing it to be a coincidence, he sends Sam to check out the locationwhile he goes to talk to the victim's son, Billy. Apparently, Dean used to drop Sam off at a ''Plucky Pennywhistle's'' whenever he wanted to pick up girls, and Plucky the clown still really freaks Sam out. Still, he goes to the location alone to question the employees, and he learns from the shift manager, Jean Holliday, that they've started an exercise where they ask kids to draw their worst fear so that they can "watch their fear disappear." He also learns that Billy's dad made an embarrassing scene when they were at Billy's friend's birthday party the night before. Just as he's going to leave, a janitor named Saul beckons him over and says that he has something to tell him if he comes back after closing.

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