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7.17 The Born-Again Identity (Transcript)

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EMMANUEL/CASTIEL puts a hand on the DEMON’s chest. Nothing happens. He then puts a hand on the DEMON’s head and the DEMON screams as white light streams from his face. EMMANUEL/CASTIEL flashes back to his time as CASTIEL. In the present, EMMANUEL/CASTIEL exorcises smites two demons simultaneously with a hand to each of their heads. His flashbacks continue.
EMMANUEL/CASTIEL puts a hand to the demon’s head and exorcises smites him. DEAN and MEG walk up behind EMMANUEL/CASTIEL.
The ORDERLY turns towards the electroshock machine, but CASTIEL is there. CASTIEL puts a hand on the ORDERLY’s head to exorcise smite him. The ORDERLY falls to the ground with his eyes burnt out. CASTIEL turns off the electroshock machine and takes away the electrodes on SAM’s head and the mouth guard.

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