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7.17 The Born-Again Identity (Transcript)

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MACKEY<br />
Look, what you called about – I might have something for you. There's this guy. He goes by "Emmanuel"." He kind of roams. First started hearing about him a couple of months back. How he was healing the sick, curing the crazy.
MACKEY<br />
Heard the best way to get to him is through his wife, Daphne, out in Colorado? So, I go. Tell her I'm going blind. It's true. My right eye's burnt out. She says, "Go home. He'll come"." So, I go. I set every trap, every test in the book.
DEAN<br />
<i>Demons.</i> Whackloads of them. You don't know about...?
An ORDERLY , MARCUS brings in a tray of food.
Yeah, no problem. How you doing?
Look, I'm not really supposed to talk about it. Let's just say, unlike you, she didn't get here 'cause of no accident.
SAM<br />
That's a lot of bandages for "it doesn't matter"."
DEAN<br />
Christmas carolingcarolling.
MEG<br />
Now picture Crowley with his hands on harmless little amnesia -Cas. Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna burn that smarmy dick. My time's coming. But right about now, my army-of-one situation is not cutting it. It's cold out here, there's a price on my ass, and I need friends.
MEG<br />
Like you're taking him carolingcarolling. And by the way, you really want to keep going with no backup? Hey, I don't trust you, either. But I could really use Emmanuel. And he trusts you. So for now, it's in everyone's best interests to hold hands and cross the street together, okay?
MARIN walks down the hallway. SAM comes to his doorway.
DEAN<br />
It's not. Trust , trust me. It's bloody. It, it's corrupt. It's not pleasant.
I don't know how to do that, either. [pause] All rightAlright, I'll try.
EMMANUEL/CASTIEL puts a hand on grabs the DEMON by the DEMON’s chest. Nothing happensfront of his shirt. He then puts a hand on the DEMON’s head and the DEMON screams as white light streams from his face. EMMANUEL/CASTIEL flashes back to his time as CASTIELin [[4.01 Lazarus Rising]]. In the present, EMMANUEL/CASTIEL smites two demons simultaneously with a hand to each of their headsfaces. His flashbacks continue- of him helping DEAN in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]], breaking the wall in SAM's head and being handed a jar of blood by CROWLEY in [[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]].
[in flashback from [[7.01 Meet The New Boss]] ] I'm sorry, Dean.[the souls return to Purgatory]
One of the demons DEMONS tries to run away, but EMMANUEL/CASTIEL appears right in front of him.
EMMANUEL/CASTIEL puts a hand to the demon’s DEMON’S head and smites him. DEAN and MEG walk up behind EMMANUEL/CASTIEL.
SAM is being wheeled down a hallway on a hospital bed by an ORDERLYthe orderly MARCUS. They enter a room.
Electroshock therapy. Let's just get you settled. Don't be freaked. I've seen this help a lot of people.
The ORDERLY MARCUS puts a mouth guard in SAM’s mouth.
Bite down.
The ORDERLY MARCUS turns on the machine.
Ordinarily, they keep this thing set on low. But I was thinking we could experiment a little. What do you say, Sam?
The ORDERLY MARCUS puts the electrodes on SAM’s head.
Let's get that head strapped in.
The ORDERLY’s MARCUS' eyes turn black.
Amazing. You just take those lickin’s, don't you, kid? Well, if it's meat, you can cook it. You just got to turn up the heat.
The ORDERLY MARCUS turns towards the electroshock machine, but CASTIEL is there. CASTIEL puts a hand on the ORDERLY’s MARCUS' head to smite him. The ORDERLY MARCUS falls to the ground with his eyes burnt out. CASTIEL turns off the electroshock machine and takes away the electrodes on SAM’s head and the mouth guard.
CASTIEL is sitting sadly on the edge of a bed, dressed in white hospital clothes.

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