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7.23 Survival of the Fittest

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|image= [[File:Finalepromo.jpg|350px]]|title= Survival Of The of the Fittest
|episode= Season 7, Episode 23
|firstaired= May 18, 2012
|director= [[Robert Singer]]
|writer= [[Sera Gamble]]
|imdb= [ of the Fittest]
|outline= [[Dean]] convinces [[Castiel]] to join them in their attempt to kill [[Dick]].
|motw=[[Dick Roman]]<br>[[Leviathans]]<br>[[Crowley]]
|timeline= May 2012Immediately after [[7.22 There Will Be Blood]]|location= Whitefish, Montana ([[Rufus's Cabin]])
|map= Whitefish, Montana
|Locations= Whitefish, Montana
}}|prevep= 7.22 There Will Be Blood|nextep= 8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin
[[Dick ]] knows that [[Dean ]] and [[Sam ]] need [[Crowley]]'s [[Demon Blood|blood ]] for the leviathan[[Leviathan]]-killing bone. He believes that Crowley has hidden some away in case of emergency and the two begin to work out a deal together. He offers Crowley and his demons control over Canada while the leviathans Leviathans will keep the U.S.A. Plus, plus they will leave the [[demons ]] alone in exchange for betraying the Winchesters, giving them the blood of another demon rather than his own blood. Crowley accepts and hands Dick a really, really, really long contract, specifying the terms and conditions of their pact.
Meanwhile, the brothers are looking for the bone of a righteous person and, while driving, catch a report on the radio about Dick being at [[SucroCorp]]. Following a joking idea from Dean, they break into a nunery nunnery crypt and find a nun that they think fits the bill of being a righteous person and start to remove her bones from her crypt. Back at Dick's office, he and Crowley finish going over their contract and sign it.
Sam and Dean go back to the cabin and perform a ritual to summon Crowley there. However, he does not arrive. [[Meg ]] shows up instead, along with [[Castiel]]. Dean goes outside where Cas is waiting and tries to talk with him, but he starts to speak about testing on animals. He finally snaps out of it and informs the brothers that the angels in his garrison have been wiped out and that [[Kevin Tran ]] is missing. Just then, Crowley teleports in , and, after threatening Cas and Meg and realizing that Cas is now insane, gives Sam and Dean a vial filled with blood. They ask why he came late and he responds that Dick captured him and made him a deal. He insists, however, that he lied to Dick about accepting his offer and that the blood in the vial really is his. He then goes away, but not before promising to get Meg after all is said and done. He also informs them that Castiel could be very helpful in killing Dick, but Castiel denies knowledge of what Crowley is talking about.
[[Bobby]], in the meantime, has bought a machete and tries to steal a truck, while still in [[Louise]]'s body. He accidentally touches some iron and is pushed out of the maid's body, but repossesses her when he spots a newspaper article about Dick and becomes enraged again. At SucroCorp, Dick tells Susan to fetch "the arm" from a freezer and Kevin tries to get out of the room that he's been locked up in. A Leviathan lab tech brings a young girl in and orders her to have a seat. She introduces herself as Polly to Kevin, but otherwise remains silent, under the influence of the Leviathan-tainted corn syrup.
The Winchesters finally mix the three bloods of the fallen and pour the mixture onto the nun's bone they stole. Nothing happens and they realize they have no way of knowing for sure whether it will work or not. Cas returns with ham sandwhiches sandwiches for the brothers, careful not have to use ingredients poisoned by the LevaithanLeviathan, and insists that he cannot go with them to kill Dick.
Susan brings Dick a case and informs him that the "delegates" are on their way. He then opens the case and takes out a severed arm...belonging to the real Richard Roman. Dick and Susan go to greet the delegates while Kevin starts picking the lock on the door with a pin. He gets out, then notices Dick and the delegates having a meeting. Dick explains to his fellow Leviathans his plan to take over the entire U.S. and has the lab tech bring in Polly. He demonstrates a new dairy creamer additive he's created that kills skinny humans, whose trait of being thin is not prefered preferred by Levaithan Leviathan for food. It also breeds out other undesirable traits. It's injected into Polly, who throws up and dies. Kevin heads towards the exit, but before he can escape, he is re-captured by Susan.
Outside, Dean and Sam hack into the surveillance cameras using a trick they learned from [[Charlie Bradbury]]. They spot Dick on the camera in the conference room still talking to the delegates. Then they check another camera and see Dick in another office. When they check a third camera, they see Dick walking in a hallway. They realize that he has had a bunch of Leviathans take his form to confuse them. All of a sudden, Louise arrives in a pick-up truck and Sam recalls that she's the maid at the motel they stayed at near the Alpha Vampire's lair. He figures that it's Bobby and goes after him. Bobby tries to kill Sam by choking him, but sees his reflection in a window and stops himself. He disappears and the brothers take Louise to a hospital.
Back at [[Rufus's cabin]], Meg criticizes them for not taking care of Dick and Sam explains that more Leviathans morphed into Dick's form in order to protect the original. Cas once again says he can't help them and Dean gets angry at him, telling him to clean up his mess. Cas teleports away, then comes back with a game of Twister. Meg points out that, since Cas was the Leviathans' original vessel, he can tell which of them is the "real fake Dick Roman." That night, Bobby reappears and requests that they burn his flask to prevent him from becoming a vengeful spirit completely. He doesn't want to get anyone hurt anymore The boys oblige and advises them not to stay behind when it's their time to go. Dean tosses the flask into a small fire where it begins to melt. Bobby vanishes and Dean asks Castiel for one last favor. He teleports himself and Dean to the place where they've stashed the [[Impala]]. Cas tells Dean that he is cursed and might screw up again if he goes after Dick with them. Dean responds that he would rather have him than not and forgives Cass for what he did. Cas agrees to help them after all and asks Dean what their plan ismoves on.
The next dayLater, as a distraction, Meg drives the Impala Dean finally convinces Cas to the SucroCorp HQ accompany them and crashes through tells him the front gate and into a signplan. She gets out and starts slaying the Leviathan guards with borax and a machete. Meanwhile, Cas and the brothers sneak into the building and search for Dick. Back outside, Meg gets jumped by two demons who say Crowley wants to see her now. Sam manages Dean also alludes to find and free Kevin, who states Castiel that they should blow up the Levaithans' lab and their food additiveshe has forgiven him for all he did.
In The following day the lab, Dean and Cas finally locate Romanplan begins. Dean decapitates Meg drives the lab tech [[Impala]] through a SucroCorp sign to call attention and after Dick taunts the two, Cas attacks him, but he just grabs Cas and throws him aside acts as a distraction while Dean stabs Dick through the heart with others attempt to infiltrate the bone when he turns back to face himbuilding. HoweverSam splits up from Dean and finds Kevin, who informs Sam that they must blow up the laboratory containing the bone doesn't workcreamer. Dean and Cas find the real Dick pulls it out, thinking they've failed, but who thanks Cas grabs for getting him from behind out of Purgatory and Dean stabs then throws him, again, in across the neck with another bone - the real one this timeroom. The first bone was used to catch him off-guard. Sam and Kevin arrive just as Dean stabs Dick, smiling and laughing, explodes into a huge burst of black goo. When in the smoke settles, Sam notices that not only is Dick gonechest, but so are Castiel and Dean. Crowley comes in with two demons who kidnap Kevin. Sam asks him where Dean and Cas are and Crowley tells him that he does is not know and that he (Sam) is all alone nowaffected by it. Crowley informs Sam that with Dick deadtaunts them, the Leviathans are now disorganized and will be much easier only to beat. He informs Sam he has a small army of demons outside have Castiel pull his head back so Dean can stab him through the building waiting to deal neck with the remaning Leviathans inside, then disappearsreal weapon.
Dean wakes up in some darkJust as Sam and Kevin arrive, scary-looking woods along with Castiel. Cas explains Dick starts to pulsate an aura around him that somehowas he dies. With a loud explosion of black goo, Dick is gone, they've been transported only to [[Purgatory]]. He also says reveal that odds are they will both be killed rather than escape. He teleports away leaving Dean behindand Cas have disappeared as well. Dean looks all around him Crowley and two demons appear and sees the souls of several monsters closing in on himtake Kevin, leaving Sam entirely alone.
|Characters=* Elsewhere, Dean and Cas find themselves in a dense, dark forest. Cas tells Dean that they are in [[ImpalaPurgatory]]before promptly disappearing, while Dean stands surrounded by glowing eyes. |Characters= * [[Dean Winchester]]* [[Sam Winchester]]* [[Bobby]]* [[Castiel]]* [[Crowley]]* [[Meg]]
* [[Dick Roman]]
* [[Kevin Tran]]* [[Susan]]* [[Louise]]* Polly - thin girl killed by Dick's dairy creamer* Leviathan Lab Technician* Leviathan Delegates
* [[Borax]]
* [[Clairsentience]]
* [[Deals and Pacts]]
* [[Demon Blood]]
* [[Gank]]
* [[Ghost Possession]]
* [[Gorilla-Wolves]]
* [[Impala]]
* [[Leviathan]]
* [[Prophet]]
* [[Purgatory]]
* [[ProphetRufus's Cabin]]* [[LeviathanStar Wars]]* [[SucroCorp]]* [[The Word Table of GodDeath]]* [[Rufus's Cabin]]* [[Star WarsThe Word of God]]
* "[[Carry On Wayward Son]] " by Kansas:''(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; also played in [[1.21 Salvation]], [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]], [[3.16 No Rest for the Wicked]], [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]], [[5.22 Swan Song]], and [[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]])''* "Vincent " by Don MacLean plays :''while Castiel sits (playing on the radio when Dean finds Cas in the car)'' * "Born to be Be Wild " by Steppenwolf :''(plays during the Impala's return)''
'''Dean:''' Well... let's bone this nun.
''[Sam makes a face.]''
'''Dean:''' Sorry.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Sam:''' We should call Castiel.<br>
'''Dean:''' Dude, on my car, he showed up naked, covered in bees.<br>
'''Sam:''' Yeah, I am not really sorry I missed that.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dick:''' Lack of pretension?<br>
'''Crowley:''' You're smarter than you look.<br>
'''Dick:''' Oh now you're just flirting.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dick:''' We need America. They're so fat.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Castiel:''' How important is lipstick to you Dean?<br>
'''Dean:''' Not very.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Meg:''' ''(to Dean)'' Go ask him, he was your boyfriend first.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dick:''' Oh, eat up. The sushi's made of fresh orphan.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dean:''' So, what's it feel like?<br>'''Bobby:''' HereWhat? Going vengeful? It's to running into an itch you guys on can't scratch out. Look... I'm done. Go get Dick. But don't do it 'cause you think it'll scratch the other sideitch. Do it 'cause it's the job. And when it's your time. Only..go. not too soon, all right?}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''CastielBobby:''' So, can I ask, the plan?Here'''Dean:''' Well, according s to Crowley, Dick knows we're comingrunning into you guys on the other side. Only... So we're gonna announce ourselvesnot too soon, ''big.''''(cut to the Impala crashing through SucroCorp's front gate and giant glass sign)''all right?
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
The title '''Dean: '''Yeah, but you know what? Bottom of the episode "Survival of ninth, and you're the only guy left on the Fittest" is a phrase commonly used bench... Sorry, but I'd rather have you, cursed or not. And anyway, nut up, all right? We're all cursed. I seem like good luck to refer you? ''[Castiel stares at Dean.]'' What?<br>'''Castiel:''' Well, I don't want to the idea that in evolutionmake you uncomfortable, the organisms best suited to their environment will survivebut I detect a note of forgiveness. [http<br>'''Dean://en'''Yeah, well, I'm probably gonna die tomorrow, source].}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
This is '''Castiel:''' So, can I ask, the last episode plan?<br>'''Dean:''' Well, according to be written by [[Sera Gamble]]Crowley, Dick knows we're coming. Sera has been with the show since the beginning - her first episode was [[1.03 Dead in the Water]] with [[Raelle Tucker]] and she has written 29 episodes in total. Sera took over as showrunner in Season 6 after the departure of Eric Kripke. Showrunner for Season 8 is returning writer [[Jeremy Carver]]So we're gonna announce ourselves, ''big.''<br>
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
The title of the episode "Survival of the Fittest" is [ a phrase] commonly used to refer to the idea that in evolution, the organisms best suited to their environment will survive.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dick:''' The blood of one sadly unimpressive demon in New Jersey. All I ask is that you give it to Frick and Frack, tell them it's yours, stand back, and let them come to me...<br>:''[ Frick and Frack] is a term used to refer to two people who are closely linked in some way. Its origins date back to a Swiss comedy ice skating pair.'' }}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Meg:''' There goes the Empire's last hope.<br>:''This a reference to the [[Star Wars]] movie The Empire Strikes Back. When Luke leaves his training with Yoda prematurely, the spirit of Obi Wan says to Yoda: "That boy is our last hope." However, in Star Wars, Luke is the hope of the Rebellion, rather than the evil Empire.'' }} {{TriviaQuote |Text= '''Dean:''' Shut up, Meg.:''This could be a reference to the cartoon series Family Guy, in which Peter Griffin often uses the line on his daughter Meg. [ Watch on YouTube].'' }} {{TriviaQuote |Text= One of the radio announcers heard talking about [[Dick Roman]] is named Lawshe, a reference to [[Michael Lawshe]] who is supervising sound editor on the show.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dean:''' Shut upLook, Megdid you come here to, uh, donkey-punch your old grudges or to help us end Dick? Pick a battle.<br>This could be the cartoon series Family Guy, in which Peter Griffin often uses the line on his daughter Meg. :''A [httphttps://wwwen.youtubewikipedia.comorg/watch?v=sni55NW3tTo Watch on YouTubewiki/Donkey_punch donkey punch]is a sex act, where the back of the head of the receiving partner in sex is punched, supposedly causing a tightening of the muscles.''
{{TriviaQuote |Text=One The [[Impala]] returned to the Show after an absence of 17 episodes. She was last seen in [[7.06 Slash Fiction]], when [[Frank Devereaux]] advised the boys to change cars to avoid the police and the radio announcers heard talking about Dick Roman is named Lawshe, [[Leviathan]]. She had just been given a reference new engine fit-out in real life. [[Michael LawsheJim Michaels]] who is Supervising Sound Editor on posted [ this video of the showcar] afterwards. }} {{TriviaQuote |Text= [ Transcript of portions] of Crowley's contract with Dick by white_merule.
|Minutiae= {{TriviaQuote |Text=The Impala returned This is the last episode to be written by [[Sera Gamble]]. Sera had been with the Show after an absence of 17 episodes. She show since the beginning - her first episode was last seen in [[71.06 Slash Fiction03 Dead in the Water]], when with [[Frank DevereauxRaelle Tucker]] advised the boys to change cars to avoid the police and the Leviathan. She she had just been given a new engine fit-out written 29 episodes in real lifetotal. Sera took over as showrunner in season 6 after the departure of [[Jim MichaelsEric Kripke]] posted . Returning writer [[ this video of the carJeremy Carver]] afterwardstook over as showrunner in season 8.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=This is the first season of ''[http://whit-merule[Supernatural]]'' to have 23 episodes.dreamwidthEvery other season to this point had 22, except season 3 which had 16 due to the [[WGA Strike|Writers'Strike]].org/55266.html Transcript of portions] of Crowley's contract with Dick by white_merule
{{TriviaQuote |MinutiaeText=The original working title for the episode was "Get Dick". }} {{TriviaQuote |Text=This is the first season Proud of Supernatural to have 23 episodes. Every other season had 22, except Season 3 which had 16 due to SPN Finale, Impala, Purgatory, Survival of the Fittest and GetDick all trended on [[WGA Strike|Writers'StrikeTwitter]]leading up to and during the finale.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
Proud Of Supernatural, SPN Finale, Impala[ According to VFX I/O Coordinator] [[Adam Williams]], the "[[gorilla-wolves]]" that [[Dean]] and [[Castiel]] first encounter in [[Purgatory, Survival of ]] were visual effect models made for the Fittest and GetDick all trended on [[TwitterLeviathans]] leading up that they ultimately decided not touse, and during the finalere-purposed as "gorilla-wolves."
 |Sides_Scripts_Transcripts=* [[7.23 Survival Of The of the Fittest (Transcript)]] |Promotion=
* [ Episode title]
* Written by [[Sera Gamble]] and directed by [[Robert Singer]]* [ Recurring character for last 3 episodes]
* [ Finale Official Synopsis]
* [ Promo pics]* [ Promo clip]* [ CHCH promo]* [ Webclip]* [ Misha Collins] previews the episode* [ Winchester Radio's podcast with James Patrick Stuart]
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