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A common device in tales of horror is to make the mundane and ordinary creepy. The more innocent the thing or character, the more shocking its transmutation to evil. Many horror movies or films features evil children (Damien in [ The Omen]), dolls (Chucky in [ Child's Play]), puppets ([ Puppet Master]) and other toys. [[Clowns]] and Santa Claus (in [ Silent Night, Deadly Night]) also feature as childhood icons turned evil.
As at the end of Season Two of Supernatural, there have not been any "evil" toys. However the meaning they have been imbued with through their status as a horror movie trope means that their appearance in an episode immediately makes the viewer anticipate that something terrible is about to happen. This is seen in the focus on nursery toys in flashbacks to Sam's nursery in the [[1.01 Pilot]], and in [[Rosie]]'s nursery in [[1.21 Salvation]].
The cymbal playing monkey appears in [[1.09 Home]] and is a reference to a short story by Stephen King titled [ "The Monkey"], synopsis as follows: "The story centers on a toy monkey that is apparently possessed by evil. The monkey is found by children, and their parents are, for some reason, freaked out. Periodically, the sinister monkey comes into motion, predicting the death of someone. In the end, the monkey is dumped in a lake in a bag full of heavy stones, thus stopping the deaths."
In [[2.11 Playthings]], the dolls in the dollhouse appear to mirror they way [[Maggie Thompson]] kills people, although the dolls themselves are not actually evil.
Jensen and Jared both report finding the dolls in [[2.11 Playthings]] scary.

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