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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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'''October 4:'''<br>
In another [ Buddy TV interview] Jared apparently likes Jensen. alotA lot.
It's something that comes naturally. Jensen's got a big old crush on me, and I just sort of try and play of it. I've told him many times nothings going to happen, I'm not like that, but I play of it. No we're pretty laid back guys, were both from Texas, and sort of like to get our work done and have a good time. Not really like drama kings. I've worked with guys who need some sort of conflict, and a like "did you here what blah blah said aboiut blah blah?" And I'm like c'mon just relax, you work 14 hour days anyways, its not worth getting bent up about stupid things. It came pretty naturally, we're pretty similar. We actually live together right now, so even at night, we get home from set, and we've seen each other for 12 hours, and we're like 'Wanna play guitar? Cool" you know, until we go to sleep or something.</blockquote>
[[Image:Surprisejdm.jpg|thumb|right|Jared with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the Scream Awards]]
'''October 12''' Behind the scenes<br>
[ From an older interview], where Jared talked about filming scenes in [[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]] and [[4.10 Heaven And and Hell]].
We actually did something really cool two nights ago. [Jensen Ackles] and I did the biggest stunt we've ever done - they built on [a soundstage] a two-story church and we were shooting this scene on the second floor and there were these big bay windows [filled with] candy glass. Jensen and I actually ran and jumped through the windows and smashed them and landed on a pad and it was like a twelve-foot drop. So before [it's] like your heart's beating and you're going, "I'm, no, no, I'm not scared. Whatever." And then it's time to do it. [Right] before, Jensen and I just looked at each other and we were like, [motions bumping fists] "Kick ass" and we went..</blockquote>
'''November 9:'''
Ted Raimi who guest starred in [[4.08 Wishful Thinking]] fanbioys fanboys the show:
Supernatural is -- my girlfriend turned me on to that, it's one of my all-time favorite shows. I actually gave Eric Kripke, the producer, a call and said, "Please, please, put me on your show!" [laughs] That's the only show I've ever done where I was running a fine line between being a fanboy and an actor. I was blown away! I was like, "Geez, I'm in the Chevy! I'm in the Chevy!!"</blockquote>

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