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After Dean and Sam die and go to Heaven, Zachariah searches for them so that he can resurrect them so they can serve as the Vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Zachariah tells them that he has four faces (one of which is a lion) and six wings in his true form in Heaven. He begins beating them up but is interrupted by Joshua who bears God's permission and takes the boys to the Garden of Eden and revives them, sending them back to Earth.<ref name=five16>[[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]]</ref>
After the resurrections of Dean and Sam, Zachariah gets removed from the Host but is given a final chance to secure Dean for Michael. Zachariah later expresses his prideful nature He resurrects and is out-witted by manipulates [[Adam Milligan]] in an attempt to draw Deaninto a trap to get him to say yes to Michael. It seems to work, but Dean taunts him into getting close to him and meets his fate when Dean then stabs him Zachariah through the head with an [[Angel Killing Sword through the throat]], producing explosive light from killing him. His body is last seen in the vessel that shoots Dean into a wall[[Green Room]] before it disappears.<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point of No Return]]</ref>

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