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4.16 On the Head of a Pin

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[[image:Spn416115.png|300px|right|thumb|Castiel & Anna watch as Uriel dies.]]
Castiel returns to the warehouse and examines the water valve that broke the devil's trap. Uriel arrives and ask if Castiel will fight with him. Castiel insists that no demon could have broken his trap. He talks of their time together and asks Uriel for truth. Uriel tells him that only an angel can kill an angel, and extends [[Angel Sword|a sword ]] from his sleeve. He explains that the plan was that Alastair was to have killed Dean and escaped. Uriel's plan is conversion, and he's angry that God created humans. He wants Castiel to join them so that they can raise their brother Lucifer, who never bowed to humanity. Uriel asks Castiel to spread the word and bring on the Apocalypse. Uriel tells him not to be afraid and Castiel says he isn't… then slams Uriel through a wall. The two fight but Uriel quickly gets the upper hand, insisting there is no God. Anna comes up from behind and kills himwith his own sword.
Dean wakes up at the hospital to find Castiel at his side. Castiel tells him to be careful, then informs him that Uriel was a traitor. Dean asks if Alastair spoke the truth and Castiel confirms that Dean broke the first seal. They laid siege to Hell to stop him but were too late. Castiel explains that the righteous man who begins it is the only one who can finish it. Dean has no idea what it means and Castiel admits that he doesn't know either. Dean says that he can't do it, he's not strong enough. He tells Castiel to find someone else.
* [[Fallen Angels]]
* [[Lucifer]]
* [[Angel Killing Sword]]

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