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4. Sam encounters a Leprechaun that passes among humans as a man named [[Wayne Whittaker]]. He acts as a spokesman for a number of other fairies, and can make deals with humans that include the exchange of their labor. As Wayne, he claims to be a UFO-specialist and works to spread UFO hysteria wherever he and the other fairies go so that they can avoid detection. When he and Sam fight, it is obvious that he is very powerful, but Sam is able to spill salt in front of him and force him to count the grains. While he is occupied counting, Sam reverses the ritual used to summon him, banishing him and the other fairies.<ref name="six09" />
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5. A human-like fairy named [[Gilda]] is controled controlled by [[Gerry]]. It is unclear what type of fairy she is, all she says about herself is a good fairy. Under the control of Gerry, she injures several of his rivals in a [[LARPing]] game and kills two before [[Charlie Bradbury]] destroys Gerry's spellbook and sets her free.
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==[[8.11 LARP and the Real Girl]]==
A good fairy named [[Gilda]] is put under a spell by [[Gerry]] who forces her to injure and later kill his rivals for [[Charlie Bradbury]]'s heart. According to Gilda, she is unable to free herself from the spell and it can only be broken by a hero destroying JerryGerry's spellbook. Under Gerry's orders, she captures Charlie so he can "rescue" her and become a hero and while Gilda holds Charlie prisoner, Charlie becomes attracted to Gilda and kisses her. Sam, Dean and Gerry arrive and Gerry forces Gilda to use a suit of armor to pin down Sam while he tries to kill Dean with a sword he has her Gilda transform to real. In the fight that follows, Dean knocks Gerry's spellbook from him and Charlie stabs it with a knife, destroying it and breaking the spell. Dean knocks out Gerry who Gilda takes back to her realm with her to face a fairy tribunal for his actions. Gilda and Charlie share a final kiss before Gilda leaves and Charlie hopefully calls after Gilda to call her.
==Fairies in Lore==
Fairies are mythical creatures, appearing in many forms. The lore (mostly Irish or Scottish) on them suggests that they are extremely diverse: the category of "fairy" includes goblins, gnomes, elves, and leprechauns. There are also popular beliefs that they are undead, elementals, etheral ethereal creatures, or even fallen angels. Most fairies have strong magic powers.
Fairies also appear in folktales as pagan deities and seem to be similar to those the Celtic folklore calls "the hidden people."
* On 19th November 2010, the night [[6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe...]] aired, #FightTheFairies trended on Twitter. Similar to when #LuciferIsComing trended and caused much confusion, some on Twitter thought the hashtag was a homophobic slur. See [[Twitter]] for more info. [[Ben Edlund]] who wrote the episode, mentioned the incident at [[Paleyfest]] in March 2014. [ video of Ben talking about Fight the Fairies].
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