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4. Sam encounters a Leprechaun that passes among humans as a man named [[Wayne Whittaker]]. He acts as a spokesman for a number of other fairies, and can make deals with humans that include the exchange of their labor. As Wayne, he claims to be a UFO-specialist and works to spread UFO hysteria wherever he and the other fairies go so that they can avoid detection. When he and Sam fight, it is obvious that he is very powerful, but Sam is able to spill salt in front of him and force him to count the grains. While he is occupied counting, Sam reverses the ritual used to summon him, banishing him and the other fairies.<ref name="six09" />
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[[File:Gilda.jpg|300px|left|thumb|Gilda - The human-like fairy]]
5. A human-like fairy named [[Gilda]] is controlled by [[Gerry]]. It is unclear what type of fairy she is, all she says about herself is a good fairy. Under the control of Gerry, she injures several of his rivals in a [[LARPing]] game and kills two before [[Charlie Bradbury]] destroys Gerry's spellbook and sets her free.
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