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Alpha Shapeshifter

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===[[6.02 Two and a Half Men]]===
[[Image:Alpha Shifter602.jpg|300px|left|thumb|Alpha Shapeshifter reunites with its child.]]
This shapeshifter starts gathering a following of its 'offspring' and is apparently reproducing with women by morphing into their husbands. When [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] rescue [[Bobby John|one of its children]], the Alpha Shapeshifter storms the Campbell's compound and kills [[Mark Campbell]], overcoming several gunshot wounds and tranquilizer darts, as well as a silver knife to the heart. It then reclaims the baby from Dean and leaves. This shapeshifter is able to transform in just a few seconds without shedding its skin.
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===[[6.10 Caged Heat]]===
[[Image:Alpha Shifter610.jpg|left|thumb|300px|Alpha Shapeshifter being interrogated by Crowley for Purgatory's location.]]
[[Crowley]] interrogates the Alpha Shapeshifter on [[purgatory]]'s location. Crowley then reveals that iridium, although expensive and rare, is capable of damaging and killing the Alpha Shapeshifter. He threatens to kill the [[Shapeshifter]]'s offspring that he currently has captured, but the Alpha Shapeshifter still refuses and tells Crowley that more shapeshifters would be produced if he killed the others. Crowley beheads the Alpha.
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