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'''Jules:''' ''So what do you mean by that when you say that you want to keep the story with the actors?''<br>
'''Kevin:''' Well the story comes out with the actors. I mean my biggest Achilles heel in this whole process is actually dealing with the talent. Because as an A.D. I deal with them but just basically saying "you go on next" or "by the time you get here you should finish your dialogue" opposed to what are you trying to get out of them emotionally in the dialogue, and also help progress the story a lot. So I tried to blend in a lot of [[Kim Manners]], a lot of Bob Singer, and what I'd learned from [[Phil SgriccaPhilip Sgriccia]] about the whole post-production and the visual effects things.<br>
Also understanding how editors can cut shots together allows you to not get stuck thinking I’ve got to make this one shot perfect. I think, well the cutaways are going to make it work so it’s only going to be this portion of this particular shot that will be used.<br>

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