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"It’s never the same. I mean - it is the same but it’s never the same. You go to new locations, you go to a different set that’s been built… it was one thing last week; it’s entirely new this week. There’s always something different in the film world and that’s what got me into the work in the first place."
|author= [[Kevin Parks]]
|source= Supernatural First Assistant Director
''Supernatural From Script to Screen is a series of interviews with the crew of Supernatural by Jules Wilkinson, Supernatural Wiki Administrator.''
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Fans of ''Supernatural'' know that many teams are part of making an episode – camera crew, wardrobe, VFX, SFX, set design, the art department, construction, transport and of course the actors and director. Key in making all that hard and creative work comes together in the right place at the right time is First Assistant Director [[Kevin Parks]] who has been on Supernatural since Season One. <br><br>
Kevin is the First Assistant Director on the "odd"-numb episodes, while colleague [[Johnny MacCarthy]] is the First A.D. on the "even"-numbered episodes of ''Supernatural''. Known as "Parksapedia" for his encyclopedic knowledge of everything Supernatural, I was lucky enough to talk to Kevin after he had just finished directing his first episode -- [[8.14 Unaired Episode|episode 14Trial and Error]] which will air on February 13th -- and was about to head to L.A. for the editing. <br>
'''Jules:''' ''So what are you looking for?''<br>
'''Kevin:''' You’re looking at what the part should be. You’re looking for whether or not they can understand the idea of the character from the pages you give them to read. You always go for the better actor to pull it off. A look you can always change with wardrobe and hair and make-up but you want the best actor you can possibly get. We had some people read that were just way off base. It was like - "oh really, how did you get that out of that page? " Those ones you can cut away right away. It was it was valuable to do and to see who [[Jeremy Carver]] and Bob pick. I put my first and second choices up and then they pick their choices.<br><br>
'''Jules:''' ''Sounds like American Idol!''<br>
[[File:Kevinprepares.jpg|right|frame|Kevin at home prepping for the episode]]
'''Kevin:''' Yeah it is. They do casting in L.A. and I view the tapes and again give the first and second choices and we decide on that. But it’s weird... for people who are supposed to be so involved in the storytelling, which is the actors telling the story, the process of getting there is so removed. Actors don’t get feedback out of it. They’re there for about five minutes and if they nailed it in five minutes, great. And if they haven’t, they don’t know why.<br>
Ty had never watched his episode from Season Two. So when he came into the show and then he wanted to know more about the [[Vampires|vampire lore]], I went through it with him but I also got him his episode to watch. It was good for him because actually was able to get an understanding of what a vampire is. <br><br>
'''Jules:''' ''Jim Michael always refers to you as "Parksapedia". Your legendary knowledge must come in very handy when you’re going to get fired all these questions from all the new people on set, to have that at your recall must be very handy.'' <br>
'''Kevin:''' Working with the talent is where the creative side of directing comes in. Right when they’re coming for the blocking, I mean I’ve already sketched out where I want people to go, and then you start hearing them read it and you go through and then you start going on points you want to pick up on and once the blocking’s done and everybody’s off lighting, then I kind of pull them aside and we go through a bit. And that was a new process doing that because that was something I’m not normally ever involved in.<br>
The springboard for the show is basically built on the fact that [[Eric Kripke]] had a very good five year plan. [[Sera Gamble]] came in; she did a good job for the two seasons of keeping it going. [[Jeremy Carver]] used to be one of our writers back in seasons four. Now he’s come back as a show runner. <br>
Jeremy’s done a really good job of reinventing this season. I mean first five years we were basically working on what’s going on with Sam, what’s going on with the demons and all of sudden the angels come in and it’s the apocalypse to win. Then we came back in season six and [[Castiel]] is trying to rebuild heaven, he’s going to take over, he blows up and then Season Seven they're facing the [[Leviathan]]. Now it’s like what do you do with the mythology. He’s re-measured the stuff with the [[The Word of God|tablets]], picking up what was in last season, and bringing in the other storylines and he’s doing a great job. And it’s evident because our ratings have gone up. <br><br>
'''Note: You can donate to Kevin's team Supernatural in the 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer [ here].'''
[[File:Rcc.jpg|right|frame|With Jared & Jensen's support, Team Supernatural was being honoured at the Ride to Conquer Cancer Ambassador party with $15,150 raised]]
'''Jules:''' ''One thing that brought you to the broader notice of fans was your involvement in the [ Ride to Conquer Cancer]. How did you get involved in that?''<br>
Interview by Jules Wilkinson, Supernatural Wiki Admin
Many thanks to Kevin Parks for his generosity in doing this interview. All photos are from Kevin's Twitter account, except for the last one.
''Interview conducted 13 December 2012 ; posted 4 February 2013''
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