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'''Jules:''' ''Sounds like American Idol!''<br>
[[File:Kevinprepares.jpg|right|frame|Kevin at home prepping for the episode]]
'''Kevin:''' Yeah it is. They do casting in L.A. and I view the tapes and again give the first and second choices and we decide on that. But it’s weird... for people who are supposed to be so involved in the storytelling, which is the actors telling the story, the process of getting there is so removed. Actors don’t get feedback out of it. They’re there for about five minutes and if they nailed it in five minutes, great. And if they haven’t, they don’t know why.<br>
Ty had never watched his episode from Season Two. So when he came into the show and then he wanted to know more about the [[Vampires|vampire lore]], I went through it with him but I also got him his episode to watch. It was good for him because actually was able to get an understanding of what a vampire is. <br><br>
'''Jules:''' ''Jim Michael always refers to you as "Parksapedia". Your legendary knowledge must come in very handy when you’re going to get fired all these questions from all the new people on set, to have that at your recall must be very handy.'' <br>
'''Kevin:''' Working with the talent is where the creative side of directing comes in. Right when they’re coming for the blocking, I mean I’ve already sketched out where I want people to go, and then you start hearing them read it and you go through and then you start going on points you want to pick up on and once the blocking’s done and everybody’s off lighting, then I kind of pull them aside and we go through a bit. And that was a new process doing that because that was something I’m not normally ever involved in.<br>

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