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The springboard for the show is basically built on the fact that [[Eric Kripke]] had a very good five year plan. [[Sera Gamble]] came in; she did a good job for the two seasons of keeping it going. [[Jeremy Carver]] used to be one of our writers back in seasons four. Now he’s come back as a show runner. <br>
Jeremy’s done a really good job of reinventing this season. I mean first five years we were basically working on what’s going on with Sam, what’s going on with the demons and all of sudden the angels come in and it’s the apocalypse to win. Then we came back in season six and [[Castiel]] is trying to rebuild heaven, he’s going to take over, he blows up and then Season Seven they're facing the [[Leviathan]]. Now it’s like what do you do with the mythology. He’s re-measured the stuff with the [[Word of Of God|tablets]], picking up what was in last season, and bringing in the other storylines and he’s doing a great job. And it’s evident because our ratings have gone up. <br><br>

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