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Dead Man's Blood

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* When Dean and [[Benny Lafitte|Benny]] go after rogue vampire [[Desmond]], Dean grabs a syringe of Dead Man's Blood from the [[Impala]]'s trunk which is shown to be stocked with them. In the fight that follows, Desmond overpowers Dean and smashes the syringe, but it distracts him long enough for Benny to kill him.
* While hunting vampires, [[Krissy Chambers]] uses darts filled with Dead Man's Blood to take down [[Jimmy Day]] who supposedly killed [[Josephine Barnes|Josephine]]'s family, allowing Josephine to kill him. Later, she shoots the vampire working with [[Victor Rogers]] in the right eye and chest with the darts, taking him down. This saves [[Aiden]] who the vampire is holding hostage and allows the group to get his blood to create the cure for his last victim. The vampire is then presumably killed.
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