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8.18 Freaks and Geeks (transcript)

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The car won’t starstart. The BOY grabs a knife from the back seat area and starts to get out of the car
No. No. Don't leave me here! AidanAiden! Don't leave me here!
Suddenly the window next to KRISSY shatters and a MAN pulls her out of the car. AIDAN AIDEN comes up behind the MAN and cuts his head off using the knife he retrieved from the back seat. KRISSY picks herself up and JOSEPHINE comes running up, holding a small shotgun, from off-screen and walks up to AIDAN AIDEN and KRISSY. While ADIAN ADIEN stares at the body he seems to be thinking about what he just did. KRISSY calmly walks around the body stepping over part of it.
Krissy walks over with the other two to look at the head on the ground.
ADIAN ADIEN looks visible upset as he says:
It's him.
You know, the trials, what Cass Cas said that you got what he can't cure.
Yeah. Um,
Cass Cas dinged you up pretty good.
And you can find some cowboy junkies Cowboy Junkies on the dial.
FBI? You're here about the lady killer murdersLady Killer Murders, aren't you?
The lady killer murdersLady Killer Murders?
Inside the hotel room KRISSY takes out a laptop while AIDAN AIDEN looks in some bags. AIDAN AIDEN stops what he is doing and walks up behind KRISSY and starts to put his arms around her but KRISSY stops him.
Then how come I couldn't find him in your cellie?
Right. And let me guess --he also lives in Canada?
Okay. But... You sure were giving off a different vibe in the car.
All three look at the ATM video. Then AIDAN AIDEN puts on a headset with a camera and mic attached.
Okay. Let's do this.
ADIAN ADIEN is wearing a mic and headcam and to show he is transmitting he kisses the end of the mic that is on the cord to his headset. KRISSY rolls her eyes and looks at JOSEPHINE and both girls sigh.
The girls turn to look at the laptop that shows live video of the hotel room door that the VAMP is staying in. The JOSEPHINE grabs a big handgun off the table. AIDAN AIDEN slides a machete into a sheath attached to his side.
Hey, how about we start a new tradition, and before each job, we give each other good-luck kisses?
The JOSEPHINE rolls her eyes and turns to walk out of the room as KRISSY smiles mockingly at AIDAN AIDEN and he then puts a backpack over his shoulder and follows JOSEPHINE out of the hotel room.
AIDAN AIDEN watches the JOSEPHINE walk in front of him and she turns her head to talk to him as the walk down the hallway towards the VAMPS room.
How about you stop putting salt in my game and mind your own business?
The Josephine JOSEPHINE also has a headcam on that she looks through when AIDAN AIDEN responds to her. KRISSY is able to watch the conversation back in their hotel room and she rolls her eyes.
ADIAN ADIEN sees something on the floor so he squats down to get a closer look. He smudges the substance with two fingers and holds his hand up so it can be seen.
AIDAN AIDEN lock picks the VAMPS room. KRISSY watches the live video intently on her laptop.
The door to the teenager’s hotel room opens slowly as SAM steps inside after picking the lock. SAM and DEAN step into the room and look around. Suddenly there is a gun clicking sound and the camera pans so that you see KRISSY standing off to DEANS DEAN'S left just behind him. DEAN doesn’t look at KRISSY before he says:
While the brothers ask KRISSY questions the other two teenagers are slipping slowly into the VAMPS VAMP'S room. KRISSY walks back over to the laptop to watch.
We continue to see the VAMPS room on live video when a loud noise happens and AIDAN AIDEN turns around to see the VAMP behind them after the VAMP slammed the door. The VAMP is hissing and he tosses JOSEPHINE into a wall and then he and AIDAN AIDEN do a stand off when DEAN and SAM rush into the room through the door behind the VAMP. The VAMP turns and sees DEAN and SAM and then run and jumps out the nearby closed window. Dean walks over to the window and looks out. They are on the second story. The VAMP runs across the street and the BLUE VAN that showed up the night that AIDAN AIDEN and KRISSY were making out in the car is across the street running.
Where's the BLUE VANblue van?
What BLUE VANblue van?
The BLUE VAN blue van that he was seen bolting to? Never mind.
The JOSEPHINE ignores the VAMP and takes a machete that she had at her side and slices his head off. DEAN looks around hoping no one sees and SAM looks very angry. KRISSY walks up behind the JOSEPHINE to comfort her.
You know this guy?
All right. So, you're gonna have to catch me up.What --did your dad, uh --he couldn't quit the life, could he?
Me too. If it weren't for Josephine and AidanAiden, I don't know how I would have made it.
'Cause you're packing a bag, and we're taking you there.
Yeah, well, I don't care what he is. He sucks. 'Cause you and your little crewhere crew here got caught.
And if it wasn't for me, your faces would be splattered all over the news.
KRISSY walks over the JOSEPHINE and ADIAN ADIEN and helps them wrap the dead VAMP in a plastic bag.
JOSEPHINE AND ADIAN ADIEN toss the body in the back of their red station wagon. KRISSY then tosses the wrapped head in after it.
JOSEPHINE, smiles, remembering and then walks upstairs. AIDAN AIDEN walks from the kitchen with an apple in his hand. VICTOR turns to look at him questioningly.
Oh, I'm good, Vic. No test. I'm just gonna chill,
play Play video games.
AIDAN AIDEN rolls his eyes and walks away while taking a bite of his apple. KRISSY walks from the front room over to where VICTOR is still standing by the stairs.
No disrespect meant, but Josephine is an all-state athlete and National Merit scholar.
Aidan Aiden is so fast he could pick your pocket before you could even blink. And Krissy,
oh she's just a natural-born leader and hunter.
JOSEPHINE is sitting at the kitchen table doing homework while ADIAN ADIEN and KRISSY are rushing around the dining room getting ready for school as SAM walks in and is stretching after apparently spending the night in the house and just waking up.
VICTORS taps at AIDANS AIDEN'S elbow which ison is on the table. SAM sits down at the table.
See ya.
The KIDS leave.
You want any?
HE He shows the wallet with the picture of his wife and kids.
Sherriff Sheriff Station
DEAN walks through the Sheriffs Sheriff station with the GIRL who was tied up in the hotel room.
No. I-I came from work and was in the parking lot when this BLUE VAN blue van pulled up.This guy with a hoodie
asked me directions. That's all I remember, till I woke up tied to that bed.
The camera pans over pictures of VICTOR, KRISSY, JOSEPHINE and AIDAN AIDEN taken in different poses and in different groups together. The camera lands on SAM picking up one of the pictures and chuckling to himself. SAM sets down the picture as he hears the front door open. He turns to the open door.
Victor pulled us out.
VICTOR looks at KRISSY concerenedconcerned.
SAMS SAM'S cell phone begins to ring and he takes it out of his pocket placing the picture of the woman he picked up back on the table. He walks away to take his call in private.
I don't know. I'd like to talk to whoever's driving that BLUE VANblue van. Other than that...You?
But, Dean...I'm not so sure.
Why's that?
 Why's that? There's no time stamp on it.
SAM clicks end call on his phone and as he is putting it in his pocket he notices a BLUE VAN right outside the house across the street. SAM starts to walk hurriedly back to the back of the house to the kitchen where he just left and see sees that everyone but VICTOR is already gone.
SAM gestures toward the front window as he walks back over to it and victor VICTOR follows him and then looks out the window.
See that BLUE VANblue van? My brother saw it outside the hotel yesterday. We think he's working with the vampire we popped.
DEAN walks in and over to the front desk countert o counter to talk to the HOTEL CLERK.
DEAN sets $60 on the counter and the HOTEL CLERK starts counting it. You hear him shuffle He shuffles through the money.
He drive a BLUE VANblue van, by any chance?
Do I look like a valet?
He took one of those.
The one that says "lodge"on it.
DEAN parks the IMPALA next to the sign and cuts off the engine. DEAN gets out of the car.
DEAN looks around to see if anyone is around and then begins walking up the buildings to his front. HE He slides his machete out of a sheath from his left side as he walks up to a door that’s cracked open already. DEAN opens the door a little more and grabs a flashlight out of his pocket with his right hand and shines it in the doorway. HE He then pushes his way into the building and walks in slowly shining his flash light around showing a large stuffed bear.
DEAN continues to walk around the very large room shining his flashlight in different spots as he goes until he shines it on a girl who is sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed.
You see it’s It’s the same GIRL from the photo VICTOR showed SAM and the kids back at VICTOR’s house and she looks scared, weak and dirty. The GIRL shies away from the light and starts sobbing.
I don't know! This guy in a BLUE VANblue van, he -- he grabbed me. He took me here.
The GIRl GIRL starts to bend over in pain.
DEAN turns around at the sound of his name and sees KRISSY, ADIAN ADIEN and JOSEPHINE standing behind him with guns pointed at the VAMPIRE GIRL. DEAN puts up a hand to stop them and they look at DEAN angrily.
SAM and VICTOR walk around an area in VICTORS VICTOR'S neighborhood that has trees but no houses around. SAM sees a suspicious person run in front of him and duck behind a tree. Sam motions to VICTOR to go on the other side of the tree while he goes on one side. ICTOR VICTOR smiles and takes a gun from his sweater pocket. The hooded guy waits quietly. Just as SAM is about to attack the hoodie guy , VICTOR comes up behind SAM and hits him over the head with his gun. The hooded guy walks out from behind the tree and smiles at VICTOR who returns his smile. The camera looks back at the hooded guy as vampire teeth pop out while he is still smiling.
Because she's fresh made, a day or two. Her dad was killed months ago. This whole thing stinks. That vampthat vamp that we killed last night? Why was he swearing that he didn't do it?
Because he was a liar.
Big talk.
SAM DEAN quickly moves and disarms AIDEN clears his gun and lets the rounded chamber fall to the floor.
And why should we care about her?
Oh, please. Preach to some other choir. We're not buying it.
SAM starts to wake up from the blow to the back of the head and he is tied to a chair in VICTORS VICTOR'S living room.
VICTOR is sitting on a couch next to SAM. The hooded vampire HOODED VAMPIRE stands nearby.
Picture this. The kids arrive home victorious, only to find you dead in their living room. It seems that nest of vampires they were hunting were seeking revenge......and killed you. Thus, inspiring them to hunt even more.
I'm sorry, Sam. I can't have anyone poisoning my kids' minds.
The hooded vampire HOODED VAMPIRE smiles at the kids when they come in showing off his vamp teeth.
Do you know this vamp, Victor?
Is that true?
No, actually, it's not. See, BLUE VAN blue van here's been turning fresh vamps and setting them up for you kids as easy kills.
I know , the deaths are tragic.But think of all the future lives that will now be saved because you are now together.
VICTOR gently tosses his gun on the couch. KRISSY steps closer to JOSEPHINE and AIDAN AIDEN and looks at them and they look at her and she nods shakes it “no”.
VICTOR gives a side look to the HOODED VAMP SETH and The HOODED VAMP SETH quickly moves over to AIDAN AIDEN and grabs him. DEAN uses this time to draw a handgun from a side holster which he then points at the VAMPSETH. The HOODED VAMP SETH turns AIDEN to face the others and hisses at AIDENS AIDEN'S ear with his teeth out fully.
KRISSY signals JOSEPHINE who pulls out a knife and trys to stab VICTOR with it but he is able to stop her meanwhile . Meanwhile KRISSY quickly pulls out a tranq gun and shoots one shot into the vamps SETH's eye and another in his chest. The vamp SETH falls over. As Victor VICTOR turns around to face KRISSY again she 's already pulling out a hand gun and pointing it at him.
KRISSY is now pointing the gun directly at VICTORS head.
For AidanAiden.
So, we're just gonna let him live?
KRISSY then turns to look at ADAINAIDEN.
Before and one anyone can get to him , VICTOR puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger killing himself instantly.
AIDAN AIDEN is sitting next to the GIRL VAMP from the LODGE on the couch in the living room. JOSEPHINE is sitting on the coffee table in front of her and KRISSY hands her a glass of the blood from the HOODED VAMPvampire cure.
So, how's she doing?    KRISSYBetter now.
SAM pulls out KRISSYs Dads KRISSY's dad's necklace and hands it to her.
What? AidanAiden? No. I mean... He's like my brother. It's nothing like that.
Not for long. Josephine will be 18in 18 in a few months. And we all have a life and each other here.
We won't go looking for it.
But if any monsters show up
KRISSY walks off back to where JOSEPHINE and VAMP GIRL are still sitting and AIDAN AIDEN stares at DEAN from down the hallway.
Yeah. Goodbye, Dean.
ADAIN AIDEN then tries to duck back into the kitchen. But Dean calls him over.
AidanAiden. Listen, there's, uh, something I want to tell you about Krissy.
I know. I know. You'll kill me if I ever hurt her. Blah. Blah. Blah.
DEAN pats AIDAN AIDEN on the back and walks out the door.
AIDAN AIDEN looks horrified back at KRISSY who only smiles back at him. AIDAN AIDEN closes and locks the door behind DEAN.

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