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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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===[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]===
Using the alias "Dr. Green" Pestilence is working at the [[Serenity Valley Convalescent Home]], and experimenting on the patients. Using information from Brady, Sam and Dean arrive at the home, but are incapacitated by Pestilence's diseases. While writhing on the ground from their illnesses, Pestilence tells them they're suffering from scarlet fever, meningitis and syphilis, and gives them a condescending lecture about God, disease and humanity. Castiel, now human, enters the room and falls to the floor, struck by the effects of Pestilence's epidemic. Pestilence mocks him for being a powerless occupied vessel, noting that "there's not a speck of angel in you." Castiel picks up Ruby's knife and cuts off Pestilence's ring finger. A possessed nurse rushes at Castiel, but he kills her with the knife. Sam and Dean immediately recover from their illnesses and get up from the floor. Pestilence, clutching his hand bleeding, tells them "It doesn't matter. It's too late," before vanishing.
[[File:Pestilence fingers.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Props for Pestilence's fingers.]]
Later in the episode, Sam and Dean figure out what Pestilence's plan was after a talk with Crowley. Brady was vice president of distribution at [[Niveus Pharmaceuticals]]. The first part of the plan was for Pestilence to start a swine flu epidemic, which set the stage for the second step: mass nationwide distribution of the Niveus vaccine which contains the Croatoan virus.
Bobby tells Sam, Dean and Castiel that he's figured out that Death is going to cause a storm and a series of natural disasters that will kill three million people in Chicago. He is eventually forced to admit that he sold his soul to Crowley to get the information on Death. The group splits up: Sam, Bobby and Castiel go to Niveus to destroy the samples of the vaccine and the distribution center to prevent the outbreak of the [[Croatoan virus]], while Dean and Crowley head to Chicago to try and defeat Death, save the city, and get the last ring. Crowley gives Dean Death's Scythe to use in Chicago, saying that in addition to killing angels, demons, and reapers it's rumored to be capable of killing Death himself.
Death arrives in Chicago to start the disaster. Dozens, if not hundreds, of Reapers reapers arrive too, and are later seen by Crowley.
Death stops in a pizzeria for lunch, killing everyone inside (possibly unintentionally) and is found by Dean, who attempts to sneak up on him with Death's scythe. However, the scythe begins to burn hot in Death's presence, forcing Dean to drop it and alerting the Horseman to his presence. Rather than showing hostility toward Dean, the Horseman thanks him for returning the scythe before asking Dean to join him at the table. Death then reveals that he has been waiting for a while to talk with Dean.
When Dean asks him how old he is, Death admits he can't really remember anymore and guesses he is as old or older than God himself and neither can remember anymore. He surmises that he has been alive since life itself began and someday he will even reap God, to Dean's surprise. Death just states God is a living being like any other and someday he too will die; its just the way things work.
Death explains that Lucifer, whom he describes as "a bratty child," has him bound by a spell and is using him to create Apocalyptic apocalyptic chaos.
Death offers his ring to Dean on the condition that Dean must do everything in his power to assure that Lucifer is put back in his cage, even if that means sacrificing Sam. Dean reluctantly agrees, and Death warns him to hold true to his word, reminding him that he can't cheat Death. The Horseman then gives Dean the instructions on how to operate the rings, which combine to form a key-like device.
===[[7.01 Meet the New Boss]]===
[[Dean]], [[Sam]] and [[Bobby]] (through a ritual provided by [[Crowley]]), plan to bind Death to their will and have him put a stop to [[Castiel]], who has absorbed all the souls in [[Purgatory]] and declared himself the new "God." Before they can convince him, Castiel appears and threatens to kill them all, but Dean reminds him that Death is under their control. During their standoff, Death confronts Castiel about his deteriorating state telling him that it is because he absorbed things from Purgatory - specifically the first beasts: [[Leviathans]]. Castiel scoffs at Death's warnings and threatens to kill him, and Death ignores his threats, telling him that he isn't a God.
Eventually Dean orders Death to kill Castiel, but Castiel breaks the bonds tying Death to their will and then flees. Instead of turning on them, Death admonishes Dean for dropping the ball regarding the souls, but declares that Castiel's arrogance is annoying and decides to help them yet again. He tells Dean that the things Castiel absorbed can be returned to Purgatory: they just have to open another door, and convince Castiel to give up his new power. So, Death agrees to create another eclipse at 3:59 AM on Sunday.

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