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Dead Man's Blood

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|title= Dead Man's Blood
The method of incapacitating a [[vampire ]] with blood from a dead person is part of vampiric folklore. Tricking a vampire into drinking blood from a dead person to kill him has also been used quite a few times in vampiric tales, notably ''[ Interview with the Vampire]'', wherein the vampire must stop drinking the blood of her/his victim before she/he dies, as drinking blood after death is harmful to the vampire. In ''Supernatural'', Dead Mandead man's Blood blood has been used as follows:
* Dead Man's Blood is used by [[JohnWinchester]] uses it in [[1.20 Dead Man's Blood]] to restrain [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]], when he uses her as bait to lure out [[Luther]] and get the [[Colt]]. Its It's also used to take down Hank with blood-soaked crossbow arrows and later two other vampires who are all killed later.
* [[Gordon]] uses it in [[2.03 Bloodlust]] to capture and torture [[Lenore]].
* Dean injects [[Lucy]] with dead man's blood to capture her in [[3.07 Fresh Blood]].
* [[Samuel Campbell|Samuel]] gives Dean a syringe of it when he goes to infiltrate the vampire nest in [[6.05 Live Free or Twihard]]. Samuel describes it as enough Dead Mandead man's Blood blood to drop a linebacker "and then some." He fails to use it against [[Boris]] as a single drop of blood drips from the syringe and he senses it, but during his slaying of all the nest's vampires, Dean injects another vampire with it and presumably later kills him.
* The [[Alpha Vampire]] is given an intravenous drip of Dead Mandead man's Blood blood to restrain him in [[6.07 Family Matters]], and dead man's blood is spread on the doors of the building in which he is kept as a deterrent to other vampires. Despite the Dead Mandead man's Bloodblood, the Alpha Vampire eventually escapes, though weakened and is brought down when the demon possessing [[Christian Campbell]] injects him with two syringes of Dead Man's Blood at the same time.
* When Sam and Dean decide to go after the Alpha Vampire for his blood, they initaly decide to go looking for Dead Mandead man's Blood blood before coming on the idea of using "[[vamptonite]]" from people infected with the [[Leviathans|Leviathanleviathan]] food-additive.
* When Dean and [[Benny Lafitte|Benny]] go after rogue vampire [[Desmond]], Dean grabs a syringe of Dead Mandead man's Blood blood from the [[Impala]]'s trunk which is shown to be stocked with them. In the fight that follows, Desmond overpowers Dean and smashes the syringe, but it distracts him long enough for Benny to kill him.
* While hunting vampires, [[Krissy Chambers]] uses darts filled with Dead Mandead man's Blood blood to take down [[Jimmy Day]] who supposedly killed [[Josephine Barnes|Josephine]]'s family, allowing Josephine to kill him. Later, she shoots [[Seth]], the vampire working with [[Victor Rogers]] in the right eye and chest with the darts, taking him down. This saves [[Aiden]] who Seth is holding hostage and allows the group to get his blood to create the cure for his last victim. The vampire is then presumably killed.
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