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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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7.01 Meet the New Boss
===[[7.01 Meet the New Boss]]===
[[Dean]], [[Sam]] and [[Bobby]] (through a ritual provided by [[Crowley]]), plan to bind Death to their will and have him put a stop to [[Castiel]], who has absorbed all the souls in [[Purgatory]] and declared himself the new "God." Before they can convince him, Castiel appears and threatens to kill them all, but Dean reminds him that Death is under their control. During their standoff, Death confronts Castiel about his deteriorating state telling him that it is because he absorbed things from Purgatory - specifically the first beasts: [[Leviathans]]. Castiel scoffs at Death's warnings and threatens to kill him, and Death ignores his threats, telling him that he isn't a God.
Eventually Dean orders Death to kill Castiel, but Castiel breaks the bonds tying Death to their will and then flees. Instead of turning on them, Death admonishes Dean for dropping the ball regarding the souls, but declares that Castiel's arrogance is annoying and decides to help them yet again. He tells Dean that the things Castiel absorbed can be returned to Purgatory: they just have to open another door, and convince Castiel to give up his new power. So, Death agrees to create another eclipse at 3:59 AM on Sunday.

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