Stacey Jorgeson

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Stacey jorgeson.jpg
Name Stacey Jorgeson
Actor P. Lynn Johnson
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by the Vanir/Scarecrow)
Location Burkittsville, Indiana
Episode(s) 1.11 Scarecrow


Stacey and her husband Harley Jorgeson ran a gas station in Burkittsville, Indiana where they would send unsuspecting travelers to become human sacrifices for a pagan god, the Vanir, unbeknownst to her niece Emily. When the time came for the annual sacrifice to their god, Stacey tried to protect Emily from being chosen as the sacrifice to go with Dean Winchester, however ultimately she deciedes to use her in the sacrifice. Stacey was killed when Dean and Emily escaped the scarecrow, and ended up becoming the sacrifice along with her husband.