Stan Thompson

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Name Stan Thompson
Actor Brian Markinson
Episode(s) 8.08 Hunteri Heroici


He is Amelia Richardson's father. He came to visit his daughter and Sam Winchester when they moved into a house together.


8.08 Hunteri Heroici

In Sam's flashback, Stan came over to the new house Amelia and Sam had just moved into. He was excited to see Amelia and to meet Riot, but he wasn't as happy to see Sam. After questioning him, he learns that Sam went to Stanford but was currently a maintenance worker at a local motel, which surprised him. Stan initially didn't approve of Sam but warmed up later in the evening: Amelia pointed out that Sam is the sort of guy that has been through a lot. Sam said that he'd run away after his brother died, to which Stan gave his regards. After dinner, Amelia got up to answer the phone and all three found out that her late husband was still alive. Stan looked shocked.