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Name Stanton
Actor Matthew Harrison
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Olivia)
Location New Canaan, Connecticut
Episode(s) 10.06 Ask Jeeves


Stanton was the youngest brother to Bunny LaCroix, and husband to Amber.


10.06 Ask Jeeves

Stanton is among the family members "mourning" the death of Bunny LaCroix when the Winchesters come to collect on Bobby's inheritance.

Later that night Stanton is arguing with his wife Amber, accusing her of sexting with someone at dinner. Amber tries to deflect his accusations by calling him drunk and paranoid, and compares him to Bunny's late husband Lance who also accused her of sleeping around. Angry, they go there separate ways. Suddenly, Stanton hears someone calling his name, he opens the bedroom doors and walks out into the hallway. He hears the voice again as he walks down the hall looking around. Suddenly Lance is in front of him with an axe, and as Amber comes out the bedroom door into the hall, Lance chops Stanton’s head off and Amber screams.