Steve, Reggie and Tim

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Name Steve Bose
Reggie Hull
Tim Janklow
Actor Sean Campbell (Steve Bose)
Colin Lawrence (Reggie Hull)
Scott Michael Campbell (Tim Janklow)
Dates Steve: ???? - 2009 (killed by demons)
Occupation Hunters
Episode(s) 5.03 Free to Be You and Me


Steve, Reggie and Tim are/were hunters who knew John Winchester.


Steve, Reggie, and Tim meet with Sam at the bar.

5.03 Free to Be You and Me

Steve, Reggie and Tim are sent to Garber, Oklahoma by Bobby to deal with an Apocalyptic omen which turns out to be a demon infestation. Before going on their hunt, the trio stop at the bar that Sam Winchester is working at since quitting hunting. They confront him and ask him to come with them, since they could use all the help they can get in taking out the demons, but Sam refuses, wishing them luck.

Some time later, Tim arrives back at the bar worse for wear, telling Sam that Steve is dead, that they captured a demon but were soon jumped by ten more and now Steve's guts are lying on the side of the road. Sam is expressing his sympathy when Reggie comes through the door with Lindsey, holding a knife to her neck. Tim tells Sam that the demon they caught told them Sam started the Apocalypse, which Sam admits to, after Tim demands to hear it from his own mouth. Reggie then handcuffs Lindsay to the bar, threatening to kill her as leverage, and assists Tim in trying to force Sam to drink the demon blood to gain back his powers to kill the rest of the demons in town.

Reggie and Tim begin to advance on Sam, who retreats. Reggie charges Sam, who tosses him into the pool table, Tim joins in, he and Reggie finally restrain Sam and begin pouring the demon blood into his mouth, holding his mouth closed so he'll swallow. They drop Sam and back away. When Sam gets up, he spits the demon blood in Tim's face and begins to beat Tim and Reggie, grabbing Tim and slamming him into the bar. Taking Reggie's knife Sam holds it to Tim's throat, possibly planning to go through with killing him, but he notices Lindsay watching, frightened. He throws Tim at Reggie instead, and they leave.