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Name Stevie
Actor Tori Katongo
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 15.03 The Rupture
15.18 Despair


Stevie is a hunter from Apocalypse World who joined with the Winchesters to help protect the town of Harlan, Kansas, from the incursion of Hell ghosts.

Some time after the Hell ghost incident, Bobby sent Charlie to help Stevie on a hunt. When Stevie proved herself to be effective on her own, Charlie complimented her skills. After Stevie called Charlie out on her attempts to flirt with her, the two began a relationship together.


15.03 The Rupture

Stevie, along with two other hunters, watches over the perimeter of the quarantine zone, noticing that the Hell ghosts attacks on the barrier are increasing. Stevie calls Sam after Rowena's spell begins to take hold on the barrier, but soon fails.

Later, Stevie goes through the quarantine zone to the cemetery to give Rowena her needed spell ingredients. She watches the ghosts get sucked back to Hell and later reports to Dean that the town is as good as can be expected and that Ketch is dead, having been murdered by a demon.

15.18 Despair

Stevie is cooking breakfast for Charlie, and as they are talking about going on a date-hunt later that day, Stevie suddenly turns to dust and disappears.

15.19 Inherit the Earth

When Jack brings back everyone Chuck snapped away, this presumably includes Stevie.