Stonehenge Apocalypse

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Stonehenge Apocalypse is a TV movie produced by the SyFy network in 2010. Misha plays Jacob Glaser, a scientist desperately trying to warn the world about its impending doom, due to something due to electromagnetism, Stonehenge and the pyramids. No-one believes him, as his reputation is tarnished by popular belief that he believes there are aliens on the Moon. Frustrated, Jacob repeatedly correct people throughput the movie that it wasn't aliens..."It was a robot head!"


In April 2009, while in England for Asylum 2009 Misha started tweeting a tale involving his persecution by Queen Elizabeth, which climaxed with his being taken to be executed at Stonehenge. His tweets included pictures, which at the time led to speculation as to whether Misha had staged the elaborate photos, or was just very good at Photoshop. It was only many months later revealed that they were revealed as pictures from the set of the movie (although it was actually filmed in Vancouver). See Misha on Twitter.

The 'robot head on the moon' is an actual urban or should that be galactic legend.

There was to have been a livestream of the movie on 20 December 2012, with Misha and co-star providing commentary, however the event was cancelled due to negative fan reaction. For more see Stonehenge Christmas