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In November 2012, it was announced that another event "from the mind that bought you GISHWHES" would be held via @MissJeanLouis who was part of the team running GISHWHES. Teasing fans with the tag "Christmas will never the same", in usual Misha style there was a mysterious website ( and a new tweeter - an abominable snowman called @HairyBumble. There were clues and riddles to solve about the url and name of the actual event, and then finally a reveal.

The event was called "It's going to be a very Stonehenge Christmas" ( and was to feature a livestream of the movie Stonehenge Apocalypse with Misha and costar Torri Higginson doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style commentary. Fans could participate at a couple of levels - you could bid to interact with Misha and Torri as well as watching, plus a Misha autographed Stonehenge Apocalypse poster, pay $78 to be in a chat room plus also get the poster, while the cheapest entry of $7.77 meant you got to watch it all.

Less than 2 days after registration opened on November 21st, the site was closed and registration fees refunded. The message on the site says simply that this was because "Misha was no longer available to participate in the event". While there was no official comment, people associated with the project informally confirm the cancellation was in response to negative fan reaction.

In the time the event was live, the main complaints from fans were:

  • disappointment in what the style of event, as many expected an interactive event similar to GISHWHES
  • the cost of the event, and the fact that this was a commercial, not a charity, event.

Following the cancellation, there was a number of projects set up to express fans' appreciation of Misha.