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Name Sully
Actor Nate Torrence
Occupation Zanna / Imaginary Friend
Episode(s) 11.08 Just My Imagination


Sully is a zanna and was the imaginary friend to a young Sam Winchester. He encouraged Sam to follow his own path, rather than "the family business." Sam is about to take his advice, when John and Dean call and invite him along on his first hunt, which leads him to cruelly reject Sully and leave.

Sully's next children are Reese and her sister Audrey. While playing with Sully, Audrey is hit and killed by a car for which Sully blamed himself. Worried he would hurt more kids, Sully left Reese and stopped seeking out children and took on an administrative role among the zanna.


11.08 Just My Imagination

Sully appears in the Bunker, much to Sam's shock as Sully was – Sam thought – his childhood imaginary friend. Sully reveals to Sam that he is in actuality a zanna – a creature that guides and protect children. Usually invisible to all but one child, Sully allows Dean to also see him. He asks for the Winchester's help as other zanna are being killed.

Sully takes the boys to the home of a young girl in Menomonie, Wisconsin, who's zanna called Sparkle, has been murdered. Soon after this, they find Nicky Mermaid dead, and arrive just after her boyfriend Weems has been stabbed.

While Dean tries to track the killer, Sam and Sully talk. Sam apologizes to Sully for how he treated him when he was a kid. Sully reassures Sam, and says he knows Sam has turned out fine. Sam confesses his current dilemma: What to do about the Darkness. Sully tells Sam he is aware of its release, but has only heard rumors. Their conversation is cut short when the killer, pretending to be Dean, texts Sam a location which he and Sully go to. They find the killer is Reese, who is taking revenge on Sully, and other zanna, who she blames for the death of her sister. Sully is prepared to let her kill him if it will help her. Dean, however, talks her down, convincing her that revenge won't take away her grief.

Before they part, Sully tells the boys that even heroes get scared and that can face the important task before them. He thanks Dean for looking after Sam, and Dean, who initially thought Sully was weird, acknowledges that he's a "good weird." Sully wishes Sam the best with what is ahead and then leaves.