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Supernatural Wiki is a nonprofit website run and authored by volunteers. Running costs come out of the administrator's pocket, and occasional donations made by visitors directly to hosting costs. There is no advertising on the Supernatural Wiki.

The Supernatural Wiki may link to external websites that contain material that may be considered unsuitable for minors. The Supernatural Wiki admin team takes no responsibility for the visitor clicking to pages outside of the wiki, and encourages the user to look out for warnings & disclaimers at the top of external pages.

No copyright infringement is intended and no profit made by the Supernatural Wiki. The administrators acknowledge that Supernatural is the property of The CW Network, and the use of Supernatural images and text intend to fall under "fair use" and commentary.

Contributors to the Supernatural Wiki are required to adhere to the statements on this page. Do not make contributions to the Super-wiki that go beyond "fair use" of & commentary on copyrighted material.

Any concerns or queries about copyright can be directed to the admin team. See Super-wiki:Contact.