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The Super-wiki Admin Team constantly monitors the wiki's Recent Changes to ensure that the information within is kept relevant, organized and accurate. The Admin Team also works to ensure the Super-wiki's Mission & Purpose are followed, and will modify any contentious edits in order to:

  • Keep language neutral and unoffensive to all parties
  • Maintain the veracity of information that is directly quoted
  • Encourage clarity of expression
  • Foster the understanding that when it comes to fan experience and opinion, none are privileged above others

The following procedure has been developed to support the Admin Team should an editor/contributor go against the guidelines set out above.

1. Contributor makes changes to the Super-wiki. The Admin Team reviews the contribution, and may edit it for any of the reasons listed above. If the original contribution appears to have been made due to a misconception or misunderstanding, the Admin Team will note this in the summary of changes when they do a subsequent edit, as well as putting a note on the "Discussion/Talk" page for the article in question.
2. If the same Contributor continues to make problematic contributions to the same or other pages, the Admin Team will contact them directly through the user's Discussion/Talk page, or via email, outlining the guidelines the Contributor should be following and offering guidance, should the Contributor require it.
3. If the Contributor continues to make problematic edits, the Admin Team may ban the Contributor from editing the Super-wiki for a minimum of three days (maximum seven days) - a warning period. This step may be left partly to the Admin Team's discretion - for example, if the problematic edits are occurring to the same information on the same page despite the warnings, a ban is practically guaranteed. If the Contributor simply appears to be struggling to grasp how the wiki operates, the Admin Team may try to make more concrete contact instead of banning.
4. If the Contributor continues to make problematic edits following their warning period, and has no responded to any communications from the Admin Team, they may be permanently banned from editing the Super-wiki.

Exceptions to the above procedure:

  • A contributor may be banned immediately and permanently if they are a spambot or have clearly posted spam on the Super-wiki
  • A contributor may be banned for an extended period of time or permanently should they post blatantly offensive, malicious or obscene material to the Super-wiki. The Admin Team may consult one-another before making this decision.

With the exception of spambots, when banned, a notice will be posted by the Admin Team on the Contributor's User page and/or Discussion/Talk page.

There may be slight variations on all of the above as the Admin Team will determine outcomes on a case-by-case basis for each contributor.

You can contact the Admin Team by emailing, or leaving a comment on the "Talk" page for this page.

If you wish to contact any of the team individually, look for contact details on their user page, or leave a note on their discussion/talk page.

We welcome contact at any time.