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Posted by Orlando: "11th hour negotiations for the #SuperSleepy pilot hit an impasse."
How it started - tweeted by Orlando on 21/11/2103.

SuperSleepy or SleepyNatural are the mashup names for crossovers between the fandoms and fanworks of Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow.

Who knows how it started? The shows are natural companions, given that both deal with extremely attractive but functionalist people battling the forces of supernatural evil and trying to stop the Apocalypse. But it's mainly because of Orlando Jones.

Orlando Jones, comedian and co-star in Sleepy Hollow, had been joyously playing with the fandom for his show - reading fanfic, posting memes and gifs with abandon. Somehow a tweet of Misha's about Cockles came to his attention, and he was drawn slowly, inexorably towards the Supernatural Fandom. Who can blame him? We are irresistible!

Ideas of a crossover - Supersleepy or Sleepynatural - were flung around and Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson even penned a teaser for "AlmostSleepyNatural" which drew in Almost Human - and featured robots (Source).

The idea of "SuperSleepy" took hold and the mythic series continued to be tweeted about by Robbie and Orlando.

On April 1, 2014 several media outlets tweeted that SuperSleepy had the greenlight and would be a 13 episode series on Hulu (Source). This turned out to be an April Fools prank which saw Misha get punked in return by PR Head Suzanne Gomez, who sent an email implying Misha was in trouble with CW Network President Mark Pedowitz.

On February 18, 2015, SuperSleepy became part of the Marvel Universe when it was mentioned in Silk written by Robbie. In the story, when Cindy's roommate Lola talks about going to a viewing party for SuperSleepy: "its this new show about a cop and an angel and they fight monsters and its rad..."

AlmostSleepynatural teaser script posted by Robbie Thompson 21/11/2103
Robbie maps out the series promotional Twitter campaign

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